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Cool Gaming Videos for Kids

The Sims 3 Video GameThe Sims 3

Enjoy this entertaining video of The Sims 3, a popular game that lets people live they way they want to while being in full control of their characters actions. Since the original Sims video game came out all those years ago, it has been an extremely popular game that lets people live out second lives in a well designed 3D world. As a people simulator, The Sims strives to allow players the chance to experience everyday occurrences as well as remarkable events they may not normally have the chance to live through. Users control every part of their characters lives and eventually form a bond, genuinely caring about their health, well being and social status.


Characters can go to school, work at jobs, hangout at the mall, lounge around the house, workout at the gym, find girlfriends and boyfriends, go on dates, get married, have kids and so much more. If living out your dreams or just an alternative life sounds like your kind of thing then The Sims is the game for you.






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