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Biology for kids

Learn about biologyDiscover the awesome world of biology for kids with our range of fun experiments, free games, cool science fair projects, challenging quizzes, interesting facts, amazing videos, worksheets and more!

Learn about bacteria, cells, cloning, famous biologists and all kinds of interesting biology topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans for teachers, ideas for parents and a whole host of free teaching resources for anyone interested in biology and learning about science online.

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Science for Kids
Biology experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun biology experiments. Breed bacteria, research microscopic creatures, test the volume of your lungs, experiment with your senses and more.

Breeding bacteria experiment

Breeding Bacteria

Breed samples of bacteria on an agar plate. How quickly do your tiny microorganisms reproduce?

Microscopic creatures experiment

Microscopic Creatures

What kind of microscopic creatures can you find in water from different sources? Take samples and examine them with a microscope.

Lung volume experiment

Lung Volume

How fit and healthy are you? Do you do regular exercise? Try this experiment and find out the air capacity of your lungs.

Smell and taste experiment

Smell and Taste

Delicious foods taste great thanks to our senses, but what happens if we take one of them away? Does food taste the same?

Biology videos for kids

Take a look at these great biology videos. Learn how cloning works, what meiosis and mitosis are, how DNA forms, what's found deep beneath the surface of the ocean, how microbiology affects life on Earth and more.

Cloning video


Watch a fascinating demonstration of cloning in action.

DNA replication video

DNA Replication

Learn how DNA forms and watch the amazing way it replicates itself.

Meiosis video


Find out what meiosis is and how it works with this informative video.

Biology games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool biology games. Enjoy a range of interactive activities that will help you understand the unique world of biology.

How plants grow game

How Plants Grow

Use heat and water to experiment with different growing conditions for plants. Can you help the plant grow to a healthy size?

Keeping healthy game

Keeping Healthy

How do different activities such as sleeping, sitting, walking and running affect your heart rate? Can you keep a healthy balance?

Microorganisms game


Look hard for places where you think microorganisms might be living and learn the role they play in their environment.

Plant and animal differences game

Plant & Animal Differences

Sort plants and animals into different categories and learn what makes them unique with this fun biology game.

Biology science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of fun biology science fair projects for kids. Check out our suggested topics and get started on projects related to hygiene, fertilizers, growth, mold, bacteria, hydroponics, seeds and life cycles.

Biology science fair project ideas

Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

Get your microscope ready for some biology research.

Plant science fair project ideas

Plant Science Fair Project Ideas

Try one of these interesting plant science fair project ideas.

Animal science fair project ideas

Animal Science Fair Project Ideas

Study the eating habits, behavior and social interaction of animals.

Biology facts for kids

Check out these fun biology facts for kids and learn more about plants, animals, cells, biologists, ecology, antibiotics, DNA, evolution and more.

Biology facts

Biology Facts

Did you know that the largest living structure on Earth is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? Enjoy our great list of biology facts.

Human body facts

Human Body Facts

Learn more about the human brain, eyes, heart, skeleton, muscles, lungs and skin with our amazing human body facts for kids.

Plant facts

Plant Facts

Have fun as you discover new facts about trees, flowers, poison ivy, venus flytraps, photosynthesis, and other topics related to plants.

Health facts

Health Facts

Take a look at our health facts and learn interesting information about nutrition, exercise, allergies, disease, obesity and medicine

Animal facts

Animal Facts

Animals are a fun subject to learn about so check out our wide range of facts about dogs, cats, sharks, tigers, whales, leopards, elephants, lions and more.

Charles Darwin facts

Charles Darwin Facts

Learn about Charles Darwin, the English naturalist who created the science of evolutionary biology and the theory of natural selection.

Louis Pasteur facts

Louis Pasteur Facts

Read about Loius Pasteur, a French chemist and biologist who made important discoveries related to vaccinations, the immune system and the nature of diseases.

Biology quizzes for kids

Challenge your knowledge of biology by trying one of our fun biology related quizzes. How much do you know about plants, animals, cells, proteins, growth, fungi, ecology, microbiology, photosynthesis and genetics?

Biology quiz

Biology Quiz

How much do you know about biology? Find out with our fun biology quiz.

Animal quiz

Animal Quiz

Answer interesting questions about a range of different animals.

Food quiz

Food Quiz

Enjoy questions about cooking, health, vegetables and nutrition.

Insect word scramble

Insect Word Scramble

What creepy crawly insects can you find in our insect word scramble?

Biology word scramble

Biology Word Scramble

Unscramble a variety of biology based words with this fun quiz for kids.

Biology word search

Biology Word Search

Find biology related words with this printable biology word search for kids.

Biology lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy a range of biology lesson plans, teaching resources, classroom ideas and fun worksheets. Find activities and information on topics such as plants, food, DNA, moisture and senses.

Introduction to biology lesson plan

Introduction to Biology

This lesson plan offers an introduction to the amazing world of biology for kids. Learn the basics and try some simple activities.

Grow a plant activity

Grow a Plant

Grow your own plant and learn how to keep it healthy with the right amount of sunlight, nutrients and water.

DNA extraction activity

DNA Extraction

Have fun extracting the DNA from a banana before examining what it looks like under a microscope.

Free biology images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our cool range of free biology pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images of bacteria, cells, fungi, DNA, viruses, plants, animals, chromosomes, lab environments, cloning and more.

3D protein model
Recycle symbol
DNA structure
Frog metamorphosis
Influenza virus
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