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Electricity for kids

Learn about electricityCheck out the exciting subject of electricity for kids with our range of fun experiments, free games, cool science fair projects, challenging quizzes, interesting facts, amazing videos, worksheets and more!

Learn about circuits, lightning, batteries, conductors and all kinds of interesting electricity topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans for teachers, ideas for parents and a whole host of free teaching resources for anyone interested in electricity related information and learning about science online.

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Science for Kids
Electricity games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool electricity games. Enjoy interactive activities that will help you understand the amazing world of electricity.

Electricity circuits game

Electricity Circuits

Experiment with batteries, light bulbs and voltages as you learn about the basics of electricity circuits with this fun electricity game for kids.

Circuits and conductors game

Circuits and Conductors

What materials conduct electricity better than others? Test a range of objects and find out while learning more about circuits and conductors.

Electricity experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun electricity experiment. Learn about positively and negatively charged particles using a few basic items you can find at home.

Static electricity experiment

Static Electricity

They say that opposites attract but will it be true in this experiment?

Use balloons and a variety of materials to create static electricity and learn how it works.

Electricity science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of fun electricity science fair projects for kids. Check out our suggested topics and get started on projects related to circuits, light bulbs, batteries, voltages, conductors, switches, wires, currents and power consumption.

Electricity science fair project ideas

Electricity Science Fair Project Ideas

Check out our full list of chemistry based science fair project ideas which include ideas such as:

  • What are the most energy efficient heating methods?
  • Do electrical devices drain power when plugged in but not switched on?
  • Build an electricity circuit with a working switch.
  • Can you generate electricity from an everyday activity?

Electricity images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our range of free electricity pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images of lightning, circuit diagrams, tesla coils, powerlines, solar power and more.

Solar power
Plasma ball
Power lines
Fork lightning
Circuit diagram
Tesla coil
Electricity facts for kids

Check out these fun electricity facts for kids and learn more about lightning, electric eels, circuits, volts, amps, static electricity, transformers, resistors, electromagnetism, famous scientists and more.

Electricity facts

Electricity Facts

Did you know that electric eels can produce electric shocks of around 500 volts? Enjoy a wide range of amazing electricity facts.

Energy facts

Energy Facts

Learn about interesting types of energy such as kinetic, chemical, nuclear, solar, elastic, wind and geothermal.

Michael Faraday facts

Michael Faraday Facts

British scientist Michael Faraday's work on electricity and electromagnetism led to many of today’s common technologies.

James Maxwell facts

James Maxwell Facts

James Maxwell built on some of the ideas created by Michael Faraday, producing equations that explain the properties of electric and magnetic fields.

Electricity videos for kids

Take a look at these great electricity videos. Get an introduction to electricity, watch an impressive lightning strike and learn about wind generators and solar power.

Electricity basics video

Introduction to Electricity

Understand the basics behind the important science topic of electricity.

Wind energy video

Wind Energy

Learn about wind energy before making your own windmill.

Lightning strike video

Lightning Strike

Watch in amazement as a lightning bolt just misses a cameraman.

Solar power video

Solar Power

Find out how scientists are improving solar power as a viable form of energy.

Electricity lesson plans

Enjoy electricity lesson plans, teaching resources and classroom ideas. Find activities and information that will help when teaching students about electricity.

Soldering lesson plan


Soldering is an excellent skill that can help students develop useful electricity based skills. Help teach them the basics with this guide that features a handy soldering tips video.

Electricity quizzes for kids

Challenge your knowledge of electricity by trying our fun electricity quiz. How much do you know about batteries, electric currents, electrical power, conductors and light bulbs?

Electricity quiz

Electricity Quiz

You don't have to be an electrician to try this electricity quiz.

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