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Engineering for kids

Learn about engineeringDiscover the world of engineering for kids with our range of free games, cool science fair projects, fun experiments, interesting facts, amazing videos, quizzes, worksheets and more!

Learn about bridges, buildings, electricity, flight and all kinds of interesting engineering topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans teachers, ideas for parents and free teaching resources for anyone interested in engineering and learning about science online.

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Science for Kids
Engineering games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool engineering games. Enjoy a range of interactive activities that will help you understand more about topics related to engineering.

Material properties game

Material Properties

Experiment with a range of different materials to find out their properties. Are they strong, flexible and waterproof? Learn more with this fun game.

Friction game


What kind of surfaces offer the least amount of resistance to a vehicle traveling along them? Check out this interactive game and find out.

Electricity circuits game

Electricity Circuits

Complete fun electricity based activities involving batteries, light bulbs and voltages with this cool game.

Forces in action game

Forces in Action

Use gradients, weights, motion and resistance to learn more about forces in action with this fun engineering game for kids.

Engineering videos for kids

Take a look at these great engineering videos. Enjoy amazing designs by Leonardo da Vinci, learn about bridges, see how engines work and much more.

Bridge engineering video

Bridge Building

Learn about different types of bridges with this interesting video.

Car engine video

Car Engine

How does a car engine work? Find out with this engineering video.

Amazing building collapse video

Building Collapse

See what happens when the construction of a building goes wrong.

Engineering experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun engineering experiments. Create static electricity, design a parachute, and experiment with light, color and heat.

Static electricity experiment

Static Electricity

Use balloons to create static electricity while learning about positively and negatively charged particles with this fun experiment.

Design and make a parachute experiment

Design a Parachute

Design different types of parachutes while learning about air resistance. Why do some designs work better than others?

Light, color and heat experiment

Light, Color & Heat

Experiment with different colors to see which absorb more light and heat in this fun science activity for kids.

Free engineering images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our range of free engineering pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images of bridges, buildings, engineers at work, famous landmarks, chemical engineering, structural engineering and more.

Medical engineering
Electrical engineering
The Parthenon in Greece
Biological engineering
Golden Gate Bridge
Computer engineering
Engineering facts for kids

Check out our range of engineering facts for kids and learn more about bridges, buildings, tunnels, dams, and types of engineering jobs.

Bridge facts

Bridge Facts

Learn about suspension bridges, arch bridges, famous bridges around the world, and much more with our list of interesting bridge facts.

Building facts

Building Facts

Did you know that the Pentagon has the largest floor space of any office building in the world? Enjoy all our cool building facts.

Tunnel facts

Tunnel Facts

Building large tunnels can require some serious engineering knowledge, learn about some of the best examples with our range of tunnel facts.

Dam facts

Dam Facts

Why do we build dams? How much do they cost? Do they ever fail? Answer these questions and more with our amazing dam facts.

Types of engineering jobs

Types of Engineering Jobs

Learn about a range of different engineering jobs such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering and genetic engineering.

Engineering quizzes for kids

Challenge your engineering knowledge by trying one of our fun engineering quizzes.

How much do you know about electricity, chemistry, biology, physics, software, bridges, buildings and structures?

Engineering quiz

Engineering Quiz

Enjoy some fun facts and trivia with our engineering quiz for kids.

Chemistry quiz

Chemistry Quiz

Get started on chemical engineering with our cool chemistry quiz.

Physics quiz

Physics Quiz

Answer a range of interesting questions related to physics.

Biology quiz

Biology Quiz

Brush up on your biology with this fun quiz.

Engineering lesson plans, worksheets and classroom ideas

Enjoy a range of engineering lesson plans, teaching resources, classroom ideas and fun worksheets. Find activities and information on topics such as earthquakes, flight basics, DNA and computers.

Earthquake rescue lesson plan

Earthquake Rescue

Help students design and build emergency vehicles that would help after a major earthquake hits the area they live in.

DNA extraction lesson plan

DNA Extraction

Extract DNA from a banana, examine it under a microscope and enjoy learning about this fun topic.

Introduction to flight lesson plan

Introduction to Flight

Get an introduction to flight with our lesson plan that teaches students about lift, thrust, gravity, drag and more.

Computer word search

Computer Word Search

How quickly can you find words related to computing? Find out with this printable computer word search for kids.

Engineering science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of fun engineering science fair projects. Check out a range of technology based science fair project ideas or use your engineering skills to make a wind vane, robot or stethoscope.

Make a robot

Make a Robot

Make a robot from household items or electronic equipment.

Make a wind vane

Make a Wind Vane

Understand wind direction by making your own wind vane.

Make a stethoscope

Make a Stethoscope

Make a stethoscope and compare your heart rate with others.

Technology science fair project ideas

Tech Science Fair Project Ideas

Find a range of interesting science fair projects related to technology.

Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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