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Detective Science Games & Activities for Kids

Solve CSI Mysteries Using ScienceEnjoy detective games and activities for kids that challenge you to solve a range of interesting CSI mysteries using science.

Play the role of a secret agent in a number of important cases that test your knowledge of science topics such as friction, gravity, magnets, electricity, chemistry, plants, microorganisms, life cycles and more. Have fun saving the day while learning cool facts, solving problems and improving your science skills at the same time, can you complete all the activities? Give them a try and find out!

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Science for Kids

Electrical Circuits

Beat the security system by experimenting with different electrical circuits in this fun science game for kids.

Electrical Circuits & Security Cameras - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Gravity, Mass & Weight

Put your knowledge of gravity, mass and weight to use in a gymnastics competition with a twist.

Gravity, Mass & Weight - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Friction & Air Resistance

Choose the best surface, improve air resistance and learn about friction as you chase down the getaway van.

Save the Day Using Friction & Air Resistance - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Magnet Power

Use the unique properties of magnets to help stop a thief before they strike again.

Magnet Power - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Material Changes

Learn about reversible and irreversible changes while tracking down a mysterious crystal.

Material Changes - Science Games & Activities for Kids

States of Matter

Solve the case by manipulating a range of solids, liquids and gases found in the kitchen.

States of Matter in the Kitchen - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Plant Parts & Functions

Label different parts of a plant, learn about their functions and stop them from growing out of control!

Plant Parts & Functions - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Types of Microorganisms

Complete a range of activities related to microorganisms that will stop a dangerous outbreak of the flu.

Types of Microorganisms - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Life Cycle of a Human

Something's gone wrong with the normal human life cycle and it's up to you to save the day!

Life Cycle of a Human - Science Games & Activities for Kids
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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