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Health for kids

Learn about healthCheck out the subject of health for kids with our range of free games, science fair projects, experiments, quizzes, amazing facts and interesting videos.

Learn about the human body, microorganisms, exercise, fast food and all kinds of interesting health topics. As well as fun activities for children, there are also plenty of lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, science ideas for parents and a whole host of free teaching resources online related to the subject of health.

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Science for Kids
Health experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun health experiments for kids. Make fake snot, experiment with invisible ink, create baking soda reactions, mix oil and water, make bath salts and much more.

Lung volume experiment

Lung Volume

Have you been for a run recently? How fit and healthy are you? Test the volume of your lungs with this fun experiment.

Breeding bacteria experiment

Breeding Bacteria

Take samples from a number of different areas and breed your own bacteria. How fast do they reproduce? Are there any places bacteria don't grow?

Bath salts experiment

Bath Salts

Relax your body and mind with some beautiful fragrances. Make bath salts and experiment with different chemical mixtures.

Health videos for kids

Take a look at these great health videos. Learn about the human immune system, acne remedies and eye disease.

Immune system video

Immune System

See how the human immune system responds to dangerous pathogens.

Acne remedies video

Acne Remedies

Check out some great tips for getting rid of annoying pimples.

Eye disease video

Eye Disease

Learn how the human eye works and how sight can be damaged by disease.

Health games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool health games. Enjoy a range of interactive activities that will help you understand the importance of being healthy.

Exercise and staying healthy game

Exercise and Staying Healthy

Use exercise to control the heart rate of a human body. Learn how this relates to the circulatory system and staying healthy.

Health and growth game

Health and Growth

Provide a human body with lots of exercise and the right amount of food, water and rest to ensure it grows up to be healthy and strong.

Microorganisms game


Search for microorganisms both outside and in the home. Learn the role they play in their environment with this fun game.

Free health images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our range of free health pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images related to disease symptoms, smoking effects, viruses, bacteria, pollution and more.

Oxygen mask
Basic overview of energy and human life
Smallpox virus
Agar colonies
Virus research
Pollution health effects
Health facts for kids

Check out these interesting health facts for kids and learn more about nutrition, disease, fast food, obesity, exercise, cancer, life expectancy, allergies and medicine.

Health facts

Health Facts

Where are red blood cells created? What are antibiotics? Learn some amazing facts and trivia with these great health facts.

Fast food facts

Fast Food Facts

How is fast food produced? Is it related to obesity? How much money do we spend on it? Check out our range of interesting fast food facts.

Life expectancy

Life Expectancy

What country has the highest life expectancy? Who lives longer out of males and females? Check out our list of the top ten countries by life expectancy.

Health quizzes for kids

Challenge your health knowledge by trying one of our fun health related quizzes. How much do you know about the human body, health and nutrition?

Human body quiz

Human Body Quiz

How many human body related questions can you answer?

Food quiz

Food Quiz

Our food quiz features questions on fruit, cooking, nutrition and more.

Health word scramble

Health Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all twenty health related words?

Health lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy a range of health lesson plans, teaching resources, classroom ideas and fun worksheets. Find activities and information on topics such as the human brain, senses and rotting food.

Human brain and senses lesson plan

Human Brain and Senses

Learn how your brain and senses work together by enjoying a range of activities related to sight, touch, taste and memory.

Rotting food lesson plan

Rotting Food

What makes food go bad? Learn about bacteria and mold with this lesson plan that's all about rotting food.

Health word search

Health Word Search

How fast can you find words related to health? Find out with this printable health word search for kids.

Health science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of health science fair projects. Follow our examples or start from scratch with one of our suggested topics related to psychology, the human body, toothpaste, allergies, exercise and more.

Make a stethoscope project

Make a Stethoscope

Make a stethoscope and check heart rates like a doctor would.

Human body science fair project ideas

Human Body Project Ideas

Check out our full list of human body based science fair project ideas.

Psychology science fair project ideas

Psychology Project Ideas

Look into the mind by researching human behavior and psychology.

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