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Human body for kids

Learn about the human bodyOur human body for kids information includes an awesome range of free games, fun experiments, science fair projects, interesting facts, amazing videos, challenging quizzes and more!

Learn about health and growth, the human skeleton and all kinds of interesting human body topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, ideas for parents and a whole host of free resources for anyone interested in learning about the human body or other science subjects online.

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Science for Kids
Human body games for kids

Have fun learning about science with these cool human body games. Enjoy a range of interactive activities that will help you understand the amazing human body.

Health and growth game

Health and Growth

Provide a human body with the right amount of food, water, exercise and rest to ensure it grows healthy and strong.

Heart rate exercise game

Heart Rate Exercises

Control the heart rate of a human body with a range of exercises. Learn how this relates to the circulatory system and keeping healthy.

Teeth and eating game

Teeth and Eating

What do our teeth look like? Why are they different to other animals? Answer these questions and more with this fun teeth and eating game.

Skeletons and bones game

Skeletons and Bones

What are some of the differences between human bones and that of other animals? Learn about the human skeleton with this fun, interactive game for kids.

Human body experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun human body experiments. Make fake snot, test your senses and find the dominant side of your body.

Senses experiment

Test Your Senses

Can you taste foods without smelling them? Find out with this fun experiment for kids.

Dominant side experiment

Dominant Side

Find out which is your dominant side. and learn why by testing your arms, legs and eyes.

Snot making experiment

Make Snot

Have fun making fake snot while learning about how it relates to sugar and protein strands.

Human body quizzes for kids

Challenge your knowledge of the human body by trying one of our fun quizzes. How much do you know about the heart, brain, bones, skin, blood, eyes, lungs and other body parts? Answer the questions, check your answers and learn more about the human body.

Human body quiz

Human Body Quiz

Enjoy a range of interesting human body questions and trivia with our fun quiz for kids, can you answer them all?

Human body word scramble

Human Body Word Scramble

Try solving our human body word scramble. How many words can you unscramble in this challenging puzzle activity?

Free human body images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our great human body pictures, photos and diagrams. Find interesting images of bones, organs, muscles, medical tests, body parts and more.

Cerebrum diagram
Lower spine picture
Skin diagram
Human organs
Heart diagram
Female shadow
Human body facts for kids

Check out these fun human body facts for kids and learn more about fingerprints, senses, sleep, health, blood cells, the heart, brain and more.

Blood facts

Blood Facts

Learn some interesting facts and trivia about blood cells, blood types, donations, blood pressure, plasma and transfusions.

Eye facts

Eye Facts

Eyes are important parts of the body that give us the ability to avoid danger, read body language and see the world around us.

Health facts

Health Facts

Check out our range of health facts that explain topics such as antibiotics, viruses, allergies, food poisoning and obesity.

Brain facts

Brain Facts

Your brain is an amazing organ that controls your thoughts, movements and memories. Learn more with these fascinating brain facts.

Heart facts

Heart Facts

Your heart does a great job of pumping oxygen rich blood around your body all day and night. Learn how it does it with these interesting heart related facts.

Human body videos for kids

Take a look at these great human body videos. Learn how the circulatory system works, what layers make up the skin, how our immune system attacks dangerous pathogens and much more.

Circulatory system video

Circulatory System

Learn how the circulatory system works with this informative video.

Spine video

Human Spine

See why a strong and flexible spine is important for the human body.

Respiratory system video

Respiratory System

How does the respiratory system work? Find out with this human body video.

How the ear works video

Ear Information

Learn how sound waves are transformed by the ear on their way to the brain.

Human body lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy a range of human body lesson plans, teaching resources, classroom ideas and fun worksheets. Find activities and information on topics such as the human brain, senses and DNA.

Brain and senses lesson plan

Brain and Senses

Teach students about the human brain and senses with a range of fun activities relating to sight, taste, memory and touch.

DNA lesson plan

DNA Lesson

Human and bananas have surprisingly similar DNA. Learn more by extracting DNA from a banana with this fun activity.

Human body word search

Human Body Word Search

How quickly can you find words related to the human body? Find out with this printable human body word search for kids.

Human body science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of fun human body science fair projects. Try making a model hand or use one of our suggested human body topics related to reaction times, heart rates, stress, eye sight, saliva, hair color, teeth and memory.

Model hand project

Make a Model Hand

Make a model hand with working muscles and tendons.

Human body science fair project ideas

Human Body Project Ideas

Check out our full list of human body based science fair project ideas.

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