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Science humor for kids

Funny science for kidsPart of the fun of science is that sometimes you just don't know what to expect, mistakes happen, experiments go wrong and results often surprise.

With that in mind, check out our page devoted to science humor for kids. Enjoy a range of crazy experiments, fun facts, hilarious videos, brain bending riddles, funny jokes and more!

Take a break and enjoy the funny side of science right here at Science Kids.

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Science for Kids
Funny science videos for kids

Check out these funny science videos for kids. Watch a skateboarding dog, a toilet paper experiment, the funny side of chemistry and more.

Skateboarding dog video

Skateboarding Dog

What's better than a dog that can skateboard? Absolutely nothing, so check out this funny video of the little guy in action.

Toilet paper experiment video

Toilet Paper

Watch this funny video and enjoy an experiment involving a plane and lots of toilet paper.

Funny animals video

Funny Animals Video

Check out some hilarious clips of animals doing a range of crazy, silly, strange, and cute things on video.

A dog's best friend video

A Dog's Best Friend

If dogs are man's best friend, than what is dog's best friend? Find out with hilariously cute video.

How to survive a bear attack video

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Enjoy these funny tips for surviving a bear attack. Hopefully you're not ever going to be in this kind of situation but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Funny facts and trivia

Brush up on your science knowledge with these funny facts and trivia.


Butterfly picture

While we humans have most of our taste receptors on our tongue, butterflies have theirs in their feet, allowing them to taste food by standing on it!


Astronaut picture

American astronaut Alan Shepard became the first person to play golf on the Moon after smuggling a golf club and ball on to NASA's Apollo 14 mission to the Moon in 1971.


Cheetah picture

While cheetahs might have impressive speed, they're the only member of the big cat family that can't roar. How embarrassing.


Funny science experiments for kids

These funny science experiments are sure to put a smile on your face. Play with crazy putty, make your hair stand on its end and have fun with fake snot.

Crazy putty experiment

Crazy Putty

Have fun making crazy putty that you can mould into shapes, squish in your hands and even bounce on the ground.

Static electricity experiment

Static Electricity

Use balloons to create static electricity with this cool experiment. Can you make your hair stand on its end?

Fake snot experiment

Fake Snot

Enjoy the fun and excitement of snot without having to put your finger up your nose thanks to this funny experiment for kids.

Science jokes for kids

Check out our range of funny science jokes for kids.

Enjoy classic science humor related to a range of different subjects, including chemistry, biology, physics, space, animals, earth, weather and more.

What do you do with a dead chemist? Barium

Blood flows down one leg and up the other.

A volcano is a mountain with hiccups.

Where does bad light go? To a prism.

Where do fish put their money? In riverbanks.

Where do you put dirty dishes? In the zinc.

Brain bending science riddles for kids

Enjoy our brain bending science riddles for kids. Hover your mouse over the answer area to check if you were correct.

What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter?
Barrel answer
What has a mouth but doesn’t speak, has a bed but never sleeps?
Answer two
What has to be broken before it can be used?
Answer three
What lives when you feed it but dies when you give it something to drink?
Answer four
What flies without wings?
Answer five
What do you break every time you say its name?
Answer six
What can you feel but never see or touch?
Answer seven
Funny science facts and humor for kids

Take a look out our funny science facts for kids. Enjoy the lighter side of life with some classic science humor.





Weighing up to 3 tonnes, hippopotamuses are very heavy animals, just don't tease them about it, they are extremely aggressive and can run faster than humans!

Because of the placement of their eyes, parrots and rabbits can see behind themselves without even needing to move their head.

Having a broken analog clock isn't so bad, twice a day it actually shows the correct time!

Kangaroos and emus find it difficult to walk backwards because of the shape of their legs. They also feature on the Australian Coat of Arms (official symbol of Australia), is it because of their forward moving, progressive style?

Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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