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Free Science Images, Pictures & Diagrams

Science pictures, photos and imagesExplore the huge range of fun science pictures, images, photos, sketches and diagrams available for free use here at science kids. There are hundreds of quality images covering popular subjects such as animals, chemistry, space, technology, biology, nature, experiments, weather, disasters, illusions and the human body.

If you're working on science project and need photos for a cover page, diagram, report or poster then feel free to download and use these pictures as you please. Enjoy cool illusions and learn a thing or two from educational diagrams that explain various science principles and natural processes. The free pics are arranged in an easy to use layout, just click on the thumbnails to see the full sized images.

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Science for Kids


From cute puppies to fierce tigers, scary sharks and tiny insects you'll find animals of all shapes and sizes in our free animal pictures section.

Pictures, photos and images of animals


Learn more about the amazing mysteries of our solar system, galaxy and beyond by checking out our great space pictures, photos and images.

Pictures, photos and images of space


Optical illusions are always fun, check out our collection and challenge yourself to understand how these illusion pictures work.

Pictures, photos and images of illusions


The weather plays a large role in our lives, explore our weather pictures for examples of sunshine, rain and everything in between.

Pictures, photos and images of weather


The earth is home too many amazing sights and natural features. Check out some of the best that it has to offer in our earth pictures.

Pictures, photos and images of earth


Enjoy the natural beauty of plants such as flowers, leaves, trees, ferns, cactus and more in our plant pictures section.

Pictures, photos and images of plants


Take a look into the future with our great selection of technology pictures. Find robots, computers, futuristic designs and more.

Pictures, photos and images of technology


Experiments make for some of the very best in science photos and images. Check out our experiments pictures and see for yourself.

Pictures, photos and images of experiments


Imagine volcanoes erupting, lightning striking, avalanches tumbling, storms brewing and fire burning. Then check out all our disaster pictures and imagine no longer.

Pictures, photos and images of disasters


Physics is an amazing subject that features some incredible principles, processes and ideas. Take a look at our physics pictures for a great visual perspective.

Pictures, photos and images of physics


See cool chemistry equipment and tests as well as some of the hidden dangers in our cool chemistry pictures section.

Pictures, photos and images of chemistry


Bacteria, germs, proteins and cells are all part of the exciting world of biology. Take a look at some of the great biology pictures on offer.

Pictures, photos and images of biology


Our scientist pictures let you see the face behind the amazing theories and ideas created by some of the most intelligent people who have ever lived.

Pictures, photos and images of scientists

Human Body

Learn more about the amazing human body with our range of interesting human body pictures, anatomy diagrams and unique images.

Pictures, diagrams and photos of the human body


Check out our range of interesting health and medical images. Learn more about topics such as disease symptoms and treatments with our handy diagrams, pictures and photos.

Pictures, diagrams, images and photos of health and medical science


Enjoy our images of awe inspiring statues, bridges, buildings, monuments, landmarks and structures. These free photos feature some of the most amazing locations on Earth.

Pictures, photos and images of famous structures, buildings, statues, bridges and landmarks


Take a look at our sports pictures and diagrams which capture athletes in action and the extreme forces, speeds and physics involved in sports such as football and tennis.

Pictures, diagrams, images and photos of sports and fitness


Find a range of beautiful nature pictures and learn more about the environment. Enjoy images and diagrams related to recycling, conservation, global warming and more.

Pictures, diagrams, images and photos of nature and the environment


Enjoy our wide range of dinosaur pictures, images and drawings. Find fossil photos, colorful clip art, facts and information about all your favorite dinosaurs.

Dinosaur pictures, photos, drawings and clip art

Math, Shapes & Numbers

Check out a variety of interesting math pictures for kids. Find images, photos and clip art featuring numbers, shapes, symbols and more.

Free math pictures of shapes, numbers and symbols


Find a range of maps from countries all over the globe. Learn the names of capitals and other major cities while exploring different parts of the world.

Maps of Countries


Enjoy our huge collection of national flags from around the world. Find your country's flag or have fun learning about some new ones.

Flags of the World

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots and reveal the objects hidden in our printable connect the dots activity sheets. Follow the numbers carefully and complete the pictures.

Connect the Dots for Kids

Coloring Pages

If you like coloring pages then you'll love our awesome range that feature everything from animals to vehicles, food, plants and popular activities.

Free Coloring Pages for Kids
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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