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Funny Science Jokes for Kids

Enjoy laughing at some funny weather jokes for kidsFunny Weather Jokes for Kids

Check out our funny weather jokes for kids. The weather has always been a favorite topic for jokes, and with good reason, getting soaked in the rain is just like hearing a good joke (only more wet, and not as funny).

Sometimes you just have to stop and laugh, so enjoy our list of weather jokes and humor related to hurricanes, tornadoes, rain and more.

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  • Who does everyone listen to but never believe? The weatherman.

  • It only rains twice a year in England: July through March and April through June.

  • What’s the weather report for Mexico? Chili today and hot tamale.

  • What’s the opposite of a cold front? A warm back.

  • Hey what's the weather like out there?
    I don’t know yet, I'll tell you when it clears.

  • What’s a tornado's favorite game? Twister!

  • Where do meteorologists stop for a drink? The closest isobar.

  • How did the hurricane see? With its eye.

  • How did you find the weather at camp?
    It was easy. I just went outside, and there it was!

  • If an orchestra plays in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? The conductor.

  • Why did the weather forecaster move to another country? Because the weather didn’t agree with him.








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