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Fun Animal Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun animal lesson plans that feature interesting animal facts and cool activities for kids.

Animal Camouflage ActivityAnimal Camouflage

While some of us stand out in a crowd others tend to blend in and it’s the same in the animal kingdom. This animal camouflage lesson plan explains some of the concepts and offers a fun activity to help kids understand how camouflage works.


Camouflage Information:

  • The color and/or pattern of an animal often allows it to either blend in or stand out from its environment. This helps them escape predators or hunt more efficiently by being harder to see.

  • When it blends into its background it is called camouflage.

  • For example, many animals that live in snowy areas are white, like the polar bear. Many animals that live in deserts are sand-coloured, many animals that live in trees are green, many animals that live on rocks match the coloration of the rocks and many animals that live near the soil are soil-coloured. Patterns, like stripes or spots, can also help camouflage an animal.

  • A chameleon can even change its colour to blend in with its environment.

  • Animals that stand out are often colored very brightly, this is because in the animal world a bright color means danger or poison.

  • Take a look at some animal photos, which animals are camouflaged and which stand out from their surroundings.

  • Make a cardboard cutout of an animal and color it with markings so that it camouflages into the color of your room.



  • What is it called when an animal blends into its environment?

  • What are two reasons why an animal will blend into its environment?

  • What are two ways an animal can blend into its environment?




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