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Fun Animal Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun animal lesson plans that feature interesting animal facts and cool activities for kids.

Make a Farm ActivityMake a Farm

Let kids have fun making their very own farm complete with animals, fences, feeding areas, barns and other farm structures. This simple make a farm lesson plan is aimed at younger kids who can use their imagination to help make the activities work effectively.


Make a Farm:

  • For this lesson you're going to need a lot of Duplo or Lego (or equivalent) animals, trees, fences, base plates and blocks as well as any other farm related figurines you can find.

  • Ask the students what type of animal's they think are usually found on a farm. What do these animals need to survive? Talk about food, water, if they need a secure shelter and room to exercise. Ask why farm animals need fences, good answers include so they don’t run away, so they don't get hurt, don't harm other things or destroy property etc.

  • Now ask the children if they have ever been on a farm. If yes, what did it look like? What kind of animals were there and where were they kept?

  • Get the children to work in pairs, designing and then building their own farm.

  • Help those that need a hand. Good ideas include a strong fence, barn, feeding trough, exercise area etc.

  • When the students are happy with their work hand out the farm animals so the can imagine their very own farm scenario with animals living inside the farm structures.

  • When they've finished, let the students walk around the room and compare their work to others. It's a good chance for them to ask questions about others farms and also answer questions about their own work.

  • Pack up and then discuss the lesson for around 5 minutes, what did the students find difficult? What did they enjoy? What did they like about others work? What would they do differently next time?




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