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Fun Animal Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun animal lesson plans that feature interesting animal facts and cool activities for kids.

Make a Spider ActivityMake a Spider

This lesson plan focuses on teaching children about spiders while letting them get creative by making their own spider web and finishing it off as a cool looking collage. Make a spider web with this fun activity that’s perfect for kids.


What you'll need:

  • For the webs: Wool, skewers and string
  • For the spiders: Yoghurt containers, paper cutouts, a stapler, pipe cleaners, string, eyes and glue
  • For the collage: Black paper, colored strips of paper, crayons



  • Talk about spiders with the students.
  • Ask the children to describe a spider.
  • What do they look like? (color, size, legs, etc)
  • Where have the children seen them?
  • How do they catch their food?



Make a spider web:

  • Show the children the materials they will work with and discuss ideas about how they could make a web using these materials.
  • Start with a frame and weave in some fibers.
  • Demonstrate how to weave wool around the frame.
  • Get the children to make a web

Make spiders:

  • Use stuffed paper circles or yoghurt containers for the body, pipe cleaners or paper for the legs etc.
  • Let t he children make spiders to put in their web.


  • Finish by making a collage out of the webs and spiders.
  • The children attach their spiders and webs onto some black card.
  • From here they can make it look cool with extra paper, glitter etc.




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