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Fun Science Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Biology Activities for KidsBiology Lesson Plans

Enjoy the following biology activities and fun lesson plans that will help you teach interesting biology topics to your students. The various teaching ideas and educational classroom resources will help children learn about subjects such as the human body, plants, microorganisms, bacteria, fungus, mold, genetics and DNA. The interesting facts and hands on science activities are perfect for kids.

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Introduction to Biology

Help kids learn the basics of biology with this simple lesson plan that covers a range of general questions about biology as well as introducing some new ideas and fun activities for children to try.

Introduction to biology lesson plan & activity


Learn more about the causes and effects of moisture with this fun lesson plan and activity. High levels of moisture aren't always easy to notice but if left unchecked they can have an impact on both your home and health.

Moisture lesson plan & activity

Grow a Plant

Students will have fun growing plants while learning interesting information about garden science. This simple lesson plan explains the activity as well as giving instructions for how students should look after their plants.

Grow a plant lesson plan & activity

Brain & Senses

Using senses such as sight, touch and taste, your brain is capable of making amazing calculations that let us respond to the world around us. Teach students more about this with our fun brain activities and lesson plan.

Brain lesson plan & senses activities

Rotting Food

It's safe to say that food looks and tastes a lot better when it's fresh or preserved properly. Teach kids about how mold, fungi and bacteria affect food while they investigate further with a fun mold activity.

Rotting food lesson plan & activity

DNA Extraction

DNA provides the blueprint for life, the instructions that separate the functions and development of humans from that of monkeys, elephants and even bananas. Learn more with this fun activity and lesson plan.

DNA lesson plan & activity

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