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Fun Chemistry Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun chemistry lesson plans that feature interesting chemistry facts and cool activities for kids.

Make GlueGlue Making Activity

Make glue with this fun chemistry activity for kids. Learn the basic science properties of glue and put your finished product to the test. Enjoy the fun ideas that this science lesson plan offers.



This glue was used as far back as early Egyptians who used it in the construction of their boats. This same glue was used on some World War 1 aircraft. Let's make some of our own and see if it works!


Glue making activity:

  • Pour 50ml of milk into a beaker and gently warm it until it has just started simmering.

  • Add 5ml of vinegar and watch as the milk separates into curds (solid) and whey (liquid).

  • Filter the curds through a cloth with small holes in it (or a sieve).

  • Put the curds into a small container and add 5mls of ammonia solution.

  • Heat and stir the mixture until a thick creamy liquid forms. This is the glue.

  • Allow the glue to cool.


After you've finished:

From here you can put your glue to the test. Use your glue to help build a small house made of sticks, add objects to a poster or collage, or for any other project that you need glue. How well did your homemade glue stick objects together?




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