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Fun Chemistry Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun chemistry lesson plans that feature interesting chemistry facts and cool activities for kids.

Make Plastic ActivityPlastic Making Activity

Help kids make plastic with this fun science activity. Students can learn about the properties of plastic while making their own as part of a enjoyable chemistry lesson plan and project.



Plastic is everywhere. With just a quick glance around a room you will probable notice many things made of plastic. These plastics are either natural plastics which are made of materials such as wax or natural rubber, or they can be synthetic plastics which are made from nylon or polyethylene. While most plastic is made of petroleum oil, the type of plastic we will make in the following activity is natural plastic.


Make your own plastic activity:

This activity can be done individually or in pairs (adult supervision is important).

  • Place a tripod over a meths burner with a mesh square on top.

  • Half fill a beaker with milk.

  • Carefully light the meths burner.

  • When the milk begins to simmer, slowly stir in two teaspoons of vinegar.

  • Continue to slowly add the vinegar until the mixture begins to gel.

  • Leave the mixture to cool.

  • When the mixture has cooled down enough rinse it with water and congratulations! You have plastic!




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