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Fun Earth Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Disaster Lesson PlanEarthquake Activity

Imagine that your city has just been hit be a huge earthquake. This disaster has led to emergency situations around the city including landslides, blocked roads and fires. Get students to think about appropriate ways to handle the situation, what kind of vehicles should they send out and how should they design and build them? Use this fun disaster activity and earthquake lesson plan to help kids understand the importance of a well thought out emergency plan for use after a major disaster.


Setting the Scene:

  • Imagine that there has just been a major earthquake in your city. Measuring 8.0 on the Richter Scale, it has caused a serious emergency situation.

  • A fire has broken out in a ten storey building. There are people stuck in the building who were working there when the earthquake hit and subsequent fire broke out. The road to the building is covered in rubble and there is also a broken down car blocking the way.

  • The earthquake has also caused a major landslide at the bottom of a nearby hill.

  • Your aim is to design and build vehicles from Lego (or equivalent building parts) that can be used to help overcome the problems faced after the earthquake.


Design & Build:

  • What kind of construction type vehicle might you need to move the landslide at the bottom of the hill? A digger.

  • What might you use to clear the rubble on the road to the burning building? A bulldozer or grader.

  • What type of vehicle will you need to remove the broken down car that is blocking the road? A tow-truck

  • How will you go about helping the people in the burning building, ie what sort of vehicle will you use to get there? A fire engine

  • How will you reach the people stuck high in the building? A ladder (remembering that it will need to be long enough to reach the people at the top of the building).

  • Have the students work in pairs as they design their vehicles, making sure that they both contribute ideas and work well together as a team.

  • Allow as much time as needed (or as much time is available) for the students to finish building their vehicles. Once finished, let them walk around and view other pairs work, as well as answer questions and demonstrate their own vehicles.




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