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Fun Science Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Flight Activities for KidsFlight Lesson Plans

Help your students fly high in the sky with our great range of air and flight related lesson plans, teaching ideas, activities and free resources. Learn about Bernoulli’s principle, how the aerofoil works and the forces involved in flying. The fun lesson ideas include activities using balloons, paper airplanes, kites, gliders, helicopters and more. Kids will enjoy the hands on fun while they learn about interesting flight related principles and science facts.

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Introduction to Flight

Flight is a fun topic that features many interesting science principles and facts. Kids will enjoy the cool flying demonstrations and activities featured in this lesson plan.

Introduction to flight lesson plan and activities

Make a Paper Airplane and Glider

Kids love making paper airplanes and gliders so it can be a great activity that is both fun and educational. Test student's problem solving skills with these fun challenges.

Make a Paper Airplane and Glider

Make a Paper Helicopter

Make your own paper helicopter and test it with a number of different challenges. Learn about important flight concepts and use those ideas to perfect your designs.

Make a Paper Helicopter

Fun with Balloons

Teach students about concepts such as air pressure and static electricity with the help of some fun balloon demonstrations and activities.

Fun Balloon Activities and Lesson Plan

Make a Parachute

It's not hard to realize the importance of a good skydiving parachute. Design and create your own parachute that slowly and accurately descends to the ground.

Make a Parachute

Make a Kite

Have fun making a kite with your own special design before heading outside on a windy day to test it out. Can you get it to fly high in the wind?

Make a Kite Activity

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