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Fun Science Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Space & Astronomy Activities for KidsSpace Lesson Plans

Help your students explore the amazing world of space and astronomy with cool activities, interesting facts, challenging quizzes and fun lesson plans.

Use the free teaching resources to teach kids important space ideas and information. They will enjoy learning about stars, planets, moons, the solar system and more as they take part in a range of hands on activities.

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Science for Kids

Living on the Moon

Living on the moon or another planet in our solar system is a fun thing for students to think about and they will enjoy the chance to put their ideas into action by building a future colony for humans.

Living on the moon or another planet activity

Make a Comet

Comets are spectacular objects that fly through space at great speeds. Simulate the path they fly and the way they react to the extreme conditions of space in this fun lesson plan.

Make a comet activity and lesson plan

Make a Spaceship

Blast off in to space by building your own spaceship, space station or satellite. Kids will have fun with their project while they think more about what designs will work in the harsh conditions of space.

Make a spaceship, satellite or space station

Space Facts

Kids will love learning a wide range of fun facts about space and astronomy. Teach them about moons, the solar system, stars and much more.

Space facts

Planet Facts

Read some fascinating facts about the planets that surround Earth in our solar system. Learn about gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn as well as tiny planets such as Mercury.

Planet facts

Space Quiz

Think you're an expert on space and astronomy? Take our space test and find out! The questions will challenge your knowledge on a variety of interesting space topics.

Space quiz
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