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Living on the MoonLiving on the Moon

What would it be like to live on the moon or another planet? If something were to happen to the earth in the future it might become an important question. Get students to design and build their own vision of a future colony while thinking about some of the factors that will influence their designs. Kids will enjoy this fun space activity as they get to build a future city on another planet or think about living on the moon.



  • Let's think about what it would be like to live on the moon or a planet other than earth.

  • Why would we need to ever do such a thing? The earth could become over populated, run out of resources, unforeseen disasters etc.

  • We might also move because we want to rather than it being absolutely necessary. New technology in the future could make it not only possible but also financially attainable.

  • When planning for life on the moon or a new planet what are some important things to thing about? Weather conditions, temperature, surface type, gravity, water, food, atmospheric conditions, air etc.

  • Let's design and build our own vision of a future colony on the moon or another planet that takes these things into consideration.



  • Organize the equipment that the kids will use to design their future colonies. K'Nex, Duplo or Lego all work well.

  • Children can work by themselves or in groups of 2.

  • Get the students to think about their designs and project goals before they start building.

  • Begin building and continue for around an hour or until the students have all finished.

  • After the students have finished get them to walk around the room and ask other individuals or groups about their creations, what did they do differently? Why did they have this feature? Was it difficult? Etc.

  • If you have time the student can also think about transport for their future colony, linking their structures together or even joining the entire classes into one giant future city!




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