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Digital Photo Editing for KidsPhotoshop Activities

Use computers to manipulate digital photos in fun ways by learning the basics of Photoshop. These activities offer Photoshop fun for kids that will help teach them about effects and other digital photo editing techniques.

Take some of your own digital photos and complete the range of fun challenges. The activities are simple to try and make for some great lesson ideas.


Fix my car:

  • Firstly, take a digital photo of an old looking car with dents or scratches in it, and then upload it to your computer. Next, imagine you’ve borrowed your friend’s car while they’re on holiday but you’ve had a bit of an accident and the car now looks like the one you’ve taken a photo of. They want to see a photo of their car in perfect condition so you’ll need to remove the dents and scratches from the car photo using tools such as the smudge tool and clone stamp tool.



  • Someone you know has had a rough week, cheer them up by warping either a photo of yourself or a photo of a famous person to make it look really funny. Try some of the great Photoshop distort filter tools such as ‘twirl’.


Head swap:

  • Prove to your friends and family that you (or someone else) are famous or were “really there” by cutting and pasting a photo of your own head onto the head of another person. The lasso and magic wand tool are great for this kind of challenge.


Get arty:

  • You’ve decided to enter an artistic photo competition. Choose a photo and get creative with some of the Photoshop tools and see what you can come up with, the more creative the better!


Business logo:

  • You and your friend have just gone into business together, decide what your business is about and design a logo to suit. For this challenge you will have to start from scratch by creating a completely new image.




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