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Fun Technology Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Learn About RoboticsFun Robot Activities

Enjoy some great robot activities that your students will love. These fun robot ideas for kids feature activities that can be easily done in the classroom.

Teaching robotics is a blast and even better if you’ve got activities organized that will challenge children and make them think more about the role robots play in the modern world.


Blindfold walking activity:

  • Senses are very important for both humans and robots, try walking around without the use of our most important sense, vision.

  • Set up a simple course, split students into pairs and let one them try and walk around the course blindfolded as the other student follows them round and makes sure they don't walk into any trouble. Ask the students how they found walking around without being able to see, do they appreciate their sense of sight a bit more now?


Chat bot activity:


Robots in the media:

  • List as many robot themed tv shows or movies as you can e.g. the Terminator, Robocop, Transformers etc. How many can you come up with? Are the robots seen in these shows good, bad or both? Why?


Is it easy to make a robot that performs tasks like a human?

  • In a word, no. Tying your shoelaces is easy right? Would it be so easy if you were designing a robot to do it? Try tying your shoelaces with ice block sticks attached to yours index finger and thumb.

  • Replicating the dexterity of human fingers is just one of the challenges that face scientists and engineers who make things like robotic arms and humanoid robots.




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