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Soldering Iron TipsSoldering Lesson

Soldering is a great skill to have and while it can be easy to learn it is often a difficult skill to master. Teach kids the basics of soldering and let them experiment for themselves, using a soldering iron to solder various objects together.

This soldering lesson will teach them how to solder as well as some good soldering tips.



  • Tell the students that today they are going to be learning about soldering.  Find out who has used soldering irons before and what kind of things they have used them on. Discuss how the irons work and what equipment they will need to use. Make sure to go over the safety precautions in detail.

  • Check out this video for a basic soldering guide.



Giving it a go:

  • Children can work by themselves or in pairs depending on numbers. They will need a soldering iron and solder as well as some wire and nails. The children can start out by experimenting how to solder bits and pieces together.

  • When the children have become reasonably competent with the soldering irons get them to have a go at repairing some of the other equipment that needs soldering or get them to make a simple circuit using a light bulb, battery, buzzer and wires.

  • Allow the children to have a lot of time experimenting as they learn how to solder properly. Let them take as long as they want but have some harder challenges ready for those that learn fast.




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