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Fun Science Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Water Activities for KidsWater Lesson Plans

Enjoy a great range of water lesson plans featuring fun activities, cool experiments, great teaching ideas and free educational resources.

Teach students about interesting water related topics such as ice, bubbles, snow and why water doesn't mix well with oil. Let kids experiment with different materials as they learn important science principles while having fun at the same time.

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Science for Kids

Make Bubbles

Blowing bubbles has always been a favorite activity for kids of all ages. Learn more about bubbles and use our recipe to make a simple bubble solution before trying some of the fun activities.

Bubble lesson plan & activities

Colder Than Ice

What effect does salt have on the temperature of ice? This lesson plan and activity will let students experiment for themselves. What outcomes and reasoning will they come up with?

Colder than ice lesson plan & activity

Ice Earrings

If you're looking to start a new fashion trend then look no further. This lesson plan will help you create some super cool ice earrings. It's a fun activity that's fast and simple to do.

Ice earrings lesson plan & activity

Escaping Water

Transfer water from one place to another using an interesting process called capillary action. Teach kids about this topic as they enjoy trying the fun water experiment.

Escaping Water Activity

Make a Rain Gauge

Make a rain gauge and record how much rain is falling from the skies during the next rain fall. Was it a light shower or a heavy storm? Record and compare your results.

Make a Rain Gauge

Ice Cube Magic

Use pressure to cut an ice cube in half while learning about how the process can be related to the popular winter sport of ice skating.

Ice Cube Magic Activity

Oil and Water

Oil and water just don't mix, or do they? Let's try bringing them together with the help of some dish washing liquid or detergent. This fun experiment has the added bonus of helping you clean your greasy dishes!

Oil and Water Activity

Make a Snowflake

Make a crystal snowflake using borax and a few other easy too find items. Enjoy the experiment, learn about crystals and keep your finished snowflake as a beautiful decoration.

Make a Snowflake Activity

Gravity Free Water

Hold a glass of water upside down and watch in amazement as the water stays inside. You'll need the help of air pressure and some cardboard but this experiment can make it happen!

Gravity Free Water Activity

Ice Overflow

What are some of the differences between ice and liquid water? Which takes up more space? What happens to water when it freezes? Learn the answers while enjoying this fun activity.

Ice Overflow Activity
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