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Fun Science Fair Projects for Kids

Fun Biology Science Fair Projects for KidsBiology Science Fair Projects

Enjoy our list of biology science fair projects for kids. Find easy ideas from a range of topics that will help you create a first place prize winning science fair project. Research biology and answer questions related to everything from bacteria to DNA, microorganisms, viruses and more.

Take advantage of the free resources and have fun making a cool biology based science fair project for whatever grade of elementary, middle school or high school you are in.

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Cool Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

In what conditions does mold form quickest?
Study the differences between bacteria and viruses.
How is swine flu different to a regular flu?
In terms of hygiene, what is the best surface to prepare food on?
Discuss the ethics of cloning.
How long should you use a kitchen sponge before replacing it with a new one?
Use a microscope to study different substances in detail.
How long can you keep certain foods in the fridge before they become unsafe to eat?
Research your family tree.
What are the differences between yeast, mold, mushrooms and fungi?
What kind of microorganisms can you find in water from a river?
How does pollination work?
Extract and examine DNA from various fruit and vegetables.
Study Darwin’s theories of evolution.
How might humans evolve in the future?
What plays a bigger role in the person you become, your upbringing or your genes?
How long does it take for various materials to decompose?
Debate the positive and negative arguments for genetically engineered food.
Study the effects of different fertilizers on plant growth.


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