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Fun Science Fair Projects for Kids

Fun Food Science Fair Projects for KidsFood Science Fair Projects

Read our great list of food science fair projects for kids. Find easy ideas from a range of topics that will help you create a first place prize winning science fair project. Research food based subjects and answer questions related to everything from cooking to fruit, vegetables, diets, dairy products and more.

Take advantage of the free resources and have fun making a cool food based science fair project for whatever grade of elementary, middle school or high school you are in.

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Cool Food & Cooking Science Fair Project Ideas

Do various food products really give the health benefits they say on the labels?
Test what effects the way you cook meat has on its level of calories.
What locations or conditions are best for keeping food fresh?
Explore the different types of chemical reactions that occur while cooking.
Make your own cheese, yoghurt or other dairy products.
Why are some egg shells brown and some white?
Research the science behind different types of diets.
What fruits contain the most sugar?
Does chemical spraying have an effect on the taste of food?
Why do you sometimes get ‘brain freeze’ from cold foods and drinks?
Are there any common cooking ingredients that are useful when cleaning?
Does eating food make you sleepy?
Why is too much candy bad for your health?
Is coffee addictive?
Why is it so important that we eat fruit and vegetables?
Does food presentation affect its perceived taste?
Are certain foods more beneficial when eaten for breakfast rather than dinner?
Make your own healthy eating food pyramid.
Why is an egg shell stronger at the ends than the sides?
How does the way you cook a vegetable affect the nutrients you receive from eating it?
Are organic foods really better for your health?


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