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Fun Science Fair Projects for Kids

Fun Water Science Fair Projects for KidsWater Science Fair Projects

Find a great list of water science fair projects for kids. Get easy ideas from a range of topics that will help you create a first place prize winning science fair project. Research water based subjects and answer questions related to everything from rain to ice, drinking water, filters, drainage, moisture and more. Take advantage of the free resources and have fun making a cool water based science fair project for whatever grade of elementary, middle school or high school you are in.

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Cool Water Science Fair Project Ideas

How does water travel through the root of a plant?
Research how some animals can survive for long periods of time without water.
Does boiling water remove all the contaminants?
Invent your own way of filtering water.
Test the pH levels of water from different sources (bottled, tap, river, rain etc).
What are some good ways of removing oil from water?
How many cups of water should the average human drink a day?
Does ice melt at a rate proportional to its surface area?
What would happen in your area of the world if the polar ice caps were to melt?
Study the different forms of water drainage at sports fields.
Can you keep cut flowers alive longer by putting them in something other than water?
Which brand of paper towels absorbs more water?
How much do humans sweat during physical activity?
Study if there are better ways to put out fires than with water.
Is bottled water really cleaner than tap water?
How much water do you save on average by having a shower rather than a bath?
What are some good ways of reducing the amount of water you use in your daily life?
Study the future effects of water shortages around the world.
How easily can moisture damage electronic equipment?
Could life as we know it be supported on a planet with no water?
What are monsoon seasons and why do they occur?
Does swimming in a chlorine pool have any long term negative effects on your health?
Why do some parts of the world experience regular droughts?


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