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Atom Questions & AnswersAtom Quiz

Take our interesting atom quiz and see how much you know about important parts of the atom such as the electron, proton, neutron and nucleus.

Give the true or false questions a go and check your answers at the bottom of the page. It’s a fun way for kids to test their science trivia knowledge.

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1. True or false? Protons have a negative charge.
2. True or false? Atoms are bigger than neutrons.
3. True or false? Protons and neutrons are part of the nucleus.
4. True or false? Electrons have a positive charge.
5. True or false? Electrons are not part of the nucleus.
6. True or false? Protons are bigger than atoms.
7. True or false? Subatomic particles are found inside atoms.
8. True or false? Nucleon is a collective name for two particles, the neutron and proton.
9. True or false? Neutrons have a negative charge.
10.True or false? An electron has a greater mass than a proton.



Atom Quiz Answers


1. False
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. True
6. False
7. True
8. True
9. False
10. False



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