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Heat Questions & AnswersHeat Quiz

Take our heat quiz and learn some new and interesting information about energy transfer, boiling points and what happens to water at freezing temperatures.

Enjoy the trivia questions & answers, put yourself to the test and see what you know about this fun science topic.

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1. True or false? The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).
2. When water is cooled, does it expand or contract?
3. True or false? The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth is 42.4 °C (108.3 °F).
4. Heat from the sun gets to the Earth by radiation, conduction or convention?
5. What is the freezing temperature of water?
6. True or false? Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit are all measures of temperature.
7. True or false? 100 Kelvin is the temperature of absolute zero.
8. Substances that don’t conduct heat are known as what?
9. True or false? Heat is a form of energy.
10. At what temperature is Fahrenheit equal to Centigrade?



Heat Quiz Answers


1. True
2. Expand
3. False - 57.8 °C (136 °F)
4. Radiation
5. 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit)
6. True
7. False - 0 Kelvin
8. Insulators
9. True
10. -40 degrees



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