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Metal Questions & AnswersMetal Quiz

How much do you know about metal? Take our metal quiz and find out! Use our trivia questions & answers to learn more about elements such as gold, silver and sodium as well as alloys such as bronze and steel.

Put yourself to the test with this fun science challenge and see how much general knowledge you have on metals.

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1. What is the chemical symbol of gold?
2. True or false? Steel is a chemical element.
3. What is the most common metal found on Earth?
4. True or False? Sodium is a very reactive metal.
5. What three kinds of medals are awarded at the Olympic Games?
6. True or false? Metal bonding with metal is known as a metallic bond.
7. Bronze is made from what two metals?
8. What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?
9. True or false? Sterling silver is made up of less than 50% silver by weight.
10.What metal has the chemical symbol Pb?



Metal Quiz Answers


1. Au
2. False - Alloy
3. Iron
4. True
5. Gold, silver and bronze
6. True
7. Copper and tin
8. Mercury
9. False - Over 92%
10. Lead



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