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Weather Questions & AnswersWeather Quiz

Take our fun weather quiz and see how much you know about climate and weather conditions. The weather can play a big role in our everyday lives with rain, snow, wind, temperature and sunshine all affecting our daily activities.

The weather can also come in extremes with storms, tornadoes and hurricanes common in various parts of the world. Test you knowledge with our range of weather questions and answers and learn more about this interesting science topic.

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1. A thermometer is a device used to measure what?
2. Stratus, cirrus, cumulus and nimbus are types of what?
3. What country experiences the most tornadoes?
4. True or false? A rainbow is a spectrum of light that appears when the Sun shines onto water droplets in the air.
5. Blizzards feature low temperatures, strong winds and heavy _______?
6. Breeze and gale are common terms used to describe the speed of what?
7. Earth’s recent temperature rises which have been linked to human activity is known as global _______?
8. True or false? The highest recorded temperature on Earth of 57.8 °C (136 °F) was recorded in Tirat Tsvi, Israel.
9. What is the name of a scientist who studies weather?
10. What is the driest desert on Earth, the Sahara, the Kalahari or the Atacama?
11. True or false? The lowest recorded temperature on Earth of 89.2 °C (-128.6 °F) was recorded at Vostok Station, Antarctica.
12. Balls or irregular lumps of ice that fall from clouds (often during thunderstorms) are known as what?
13. An avalanche features the rapid descent of _______?
14. True of false? The most rain fall ever recorded in one year (Cherrapunji, India) is more than 30 meters.
15. What is the name of a weather instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure?
16. An anemometer is used to measure what?
17. At what temperature is Centigrade equal to Fahrenheit?
18. Trying to predict the weather is known as weather _______?
19. The area of central USA that features many tornadoes is known as Tornado _______?
20. True or false? You see lightning and hear thunder.



Weather Quiz Answers


1. Temperature
2. Clouds
3. USA
4. True
5. Snow
6. Wind
7. Warming
8. False (Al 'Aziziyah, Libya)
9. A meteorologist
10. The Atacama Desert
11. True
12. Hail stones
13. Snow
14. False (25.4 meters)
15. A barometer
16. Wind speed
17. -40 degrees
18. Forecasting
19. Alley
20. True



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