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Robots for kids

Learn about robotsCheck out the exciting world of robots for kids with our range of fun games, interesting facts, awesome projects, cool quizzes, amazing videos and more!

Learn about robotics topics such as artificial intelligence and circuits while enjoying pictures and videos of the coolest robots around. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, ideas for parents and a whole host of free teaching resources for anyone interested in learning about robots and science online.

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Science for Kids
Interesting robot facts for kids

Find out about the awesome world of robots with our interesting facts. Learn about the history of robotics and enjoy a range of cool examples from humanoids to robotic dogs.

Robotics Timeline

History of Robotics

What were some of the most important advancements in robotics and technology? Find out by checking out our history of robotics page.

Types of interesting robots

Types of Robots

Take a look at some of the coolest robots around that lead the way in terms of artificial intelligence, realistic movements, speech recognition and more.

Free pictures, photos and images of robots

Check out our cool range of robot pictures and photo. Enjoy images of robotic vacuum cleaners, popular robots, wire frame models and more.

Robot wire frame model
AIBO Robot dog
Robot vacuum cleaner
Robot parts

Cool robot videos

Take a look at these great robot videos. Watch robot demonstrations, dancing performances and even a robot fish.

Sony QRIO Robots Dancing

Sony QRIO Robots Dancing

Sony's QRIO robots move smoothly and have excellent balance, watch them dance in this cool video.

ASIMO demonstration video

ASIMO Demonstration

Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot is one of the best examples of modern robotics in action.

Robot fish video

Robot Fish

With the help of sensors and a special navigation system, this robot fish can swim through a water tank with ease.

Robot lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy a range of lesson plans related to robots that feature fun activities, classroom ideas, worksheets and other resources.

Robotics introduction lesson plan

Introduction to Robotics

Help kids understand the basics of robotics.

Robot activities lesson plan

Robot Activities

Enjoy a range of fun robot based activities for kids.

Robot word search

Robot Word Search

How fast can you find words related to robots?

Fun games related to robotics

Electricity and circuits are important when it comes to robots. Enjoy some games that will help you understand how they work.

Electricity circuits game

Electricity Circuits

Experiment with batteries, light bulbs and voltages while learning the basics of electricity circuits with this fun interactive activity.

Circuits and conductors game

Circuits and Conductors

Learn about circuits and conductors while testing a range of objects to find out if some materials conduct electricity better than others.

Robot projects for kids

Try making a robot or get some great ideas for a range of fun electricity based science fair projects.

Robot making project

Make a Robot

Use various parts and materials to make your own robot!

Electricity science fair project ideas

Electricity Project Ideas

Check out our full list of electricity based science fair project ideas.

Robot and technology related quizzes

Challenge your knowledge of robots and technology by trying our technology quiz or robot word scramble.

Technology quiz

Technology Quiz

Answer a range of challenging questions related to technology topics such as computing, robotics, electricity and the Internet.

Robot word scramble

Robot Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all the robot related words? Follow the link and give it a try!

Fun experiments related to robotics

Did you know that static electricity can cause serious damage to computer components? Find out how it works by trying this fun experiment.

Static electricity experiment

Static Electricity

Use balloons, woolen fabric, an aluminium can and your hair in this static electricity experiment.

Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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