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Fun Animal Facts for Kids

 Interesting Information about HaresExplore our wide variety of animal facts and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom.

Fun Hare Facts for Kids

Check out our fun hare facts for kids. Learn about the differences between hares and rabbits, how fast hares can run, what a group of hares is called and much more.

Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about hares.


  • Hares are similar to rabbits but there are a number of key differences.

  • Hares are usually larger than rabbits and have longer ears.

  • Rabbits give birth to their young in burrows while hares give birth in more open areas.

  • Hares are born with fur and their eyes open.

  • Hares are not kept as house pets.

  • Hares usually live by themselves or in pairs.

  • Young hares are called leverets.

  • Like rabbits, hares are herbivores (plant eaters).

  • A group of hares is known as a ‘drove’.

  • Hares can run at speeds up to 72 kph (45 mph).

    Hare facts








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