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Science Jobs & Careers - Different Types of Scientists - Facts & Information

Biology Careers - Job Description Facts & InformationBiologist

Learn interesting facts and information about a range of science jobs and careers.

What is a biologist? What do they do as part of their job? Read our job description facts and information to find out the answers to these questions and more while learning all about biology careers.


  • Biologists study life in all its different forms, researching important processes and how organisms relate to their environment.

  • There are a wide range of specialist jobs in the field of biology, including microbiologists, physiologists, geneticists, zoologists and ecologists.

  • Important subjects related to biology include physics, chemistry, algebra, calculus, statistics and English.

  • It is important for biologists to have good communication skills as well as being curious, patient and self disciplined.

  • Some biologists work with objects and processes that are observable by the naked eye (macroscopic) while others work with objects and processes that are very small (microscopic) and can only be seen with the help of microscopes.

  • Research and development is a common area for biologists to work in, with a PhD generally being needed to lead independent research.

  • Some biologists use their research to make new products such as biofuels and drugs, this type of applied research includes aspects of business such as whether or not there is a viable market for the product.

  • Some biologists work in laboratories, while others such as botanists (who study plants), do their research in the field.

  • Marine biologists can spend time under water and on research ships but also work hard in laboratories and offices running tests and experiments while compiling their findings.

  • Some biologists work with DNA, isolating specific genes and determining their function.

Biologist in the lab
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