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Science Careers - Job Description Facts & InformationMarine Biologist

Learn interesting facts and information about a range of science jobs and careers.

What is a marine biologist? What do they do as part of their job? Read our job description facts and information to find out the answers to these questions and more while learning all about marine biology careers.


  • Marine biologists study things that live in oceans.

  • Marine biology includes everything from small organisms such as plankton right through the very large such as whales.

  • Subjects important to marine biology include biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

  • Marine biologists are usually curious and have a love of the outdoors, especially the ocean.

  • Marine biology includes a number of specialist disciplines and marine biologists may choose to focus their study on a particular group of animals.

  • A bachelor’s degree in marine biology is sufficient for a number of related jobs but a PhD is usually required for independent research and university teaching.

  • As part of their job, a marine biologist may collect and analyze biological data, study plant life, identify animal species , research environmental effects, communicate findings to the public and much more.

  • Oceans cover around 71% of the Earth’s surface.

  • Ocean trenches can reach as deep as 10911 metres (35797 ft) deep.

Marine biologist working under water
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Marine Biologist




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