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Interesting Trivia & Information about Countries of the WorldFun Facts about Countries

Enjoy our range of fun facts for kids from countries all around the world. Travel the globe learning interesting trivia and information related to countries found on continents such as Europe, Asia and North America.

Have fun reading about animals in Australia, rivers in China, rainforests in Brazil, culture in Japan, business in Germany, history in South Africa and much more.

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Learn some interesting facts about Brazil, the largest country in South America.

Fun facts about Brazil


Find out where the Taj Mahal is located and much more with our facts about India.

Fun facts about India


China has the largest population in the world, find out more interesting information with our fun facts and trivia.

Fun facts about China


What is the highest mountain in France? Read on and find out!

Fun facts about France


The traditional home of pizza and pasta is also the birthplace of many famous scientists, artists and mathematicians.

Fun facts about Italy

United States

Learn about the United States of America, a diverse country with the world's largest economy.

Fun facts about the United States of America


Read about Australia's unique animals and interesting landscapes with our fun facts for kids!

Fun facts about Australia


Japan is a unique country with many interesting traditions, read on to find out what makes it special.

Fun facts about Japan


Egypt is famous for pyramids, deserts and the longest river in the world.

Fun facts about Egypt


What currency do they use in Spain? Find out with our range of interesting facts.

Fun facts about Spain


Well known German companies include Adidas, Nivea, BMW, Bayer and Mercedes-Benz.

Fun facts about Germany


Learn about Mexico, a large Spanish speaking country in North America.

Fun facts about Mexico

South Africa

Where is South Africa located? At the southern end of Africa of course!

Fun facts about South Africa


Enjoy our fun facts about Russia, a huge country covering 9 different time zones!

Fun facts about Russia


From Ancient Greece to modern times, check out our facts about this interesting country.

Fun facts about Greece


England is part of the United Kingdom and birthplace to scientists such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Fun facts about England


Canada is a large country featuring the longest coastline in the world.

Fun facts about Canada

New Zealand

How much do you know about New Zealand? Find out with our fun facts for kids!

Fun facts about New Zealand


The Netherlands is a low-lying country located in Europe, read on to find out more.

Fun facts about the Netherlands


Learn about Kenya, home to lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and much more.

Fun facts about Kenya


Found at the northern end of Great Britain, Scotland has an interesting culture with many unique traditions.

Fun facts about Scotland


Enjoy a range of cool facts about Jamaica, an island nation located in the Caribbean.

Fun facts about Jamaica


Read a wide range of facts related to Turkey, a country which links the continents of Europe and Asia.

Fun facts about Turkey


Check out our interesting facts about Norway, a Scandinavian country famous for its beautiful fjords.

Fun facts about Norway


Learn all about Thailand, a unique country found in Southeast Asia.

Fun facts about Thailand


Argentina is the second largest country in South America, follow the link to find out more!

Fun facts about Argentina


Read about St Patrick's Day and other interesting facts related to Ireland.

Fun facts about Ireland


Seven countries share a border with Poland, find out which ones with our range of Poland facts.

Fun facts about Poland


Iceland is a geologically unique country featuring a range of volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers.

Fun facts about Iceland


Wales is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain, read on for more facts and information.

Fun facts about Wales


Learn about Machu Picchu and other amazing places in the South American country of Peru.

Fun facts about Peru


Enjoy our fun facts about Cuba, the largest island nation found in the Caribbean.

Fun facts about Cuba


Check out our facts related to Chile and have fun learning about Easter Island, the Atacama Desert and much more!

Fun facts about Chile


Sweden is a Scandinavian country home to companies such as IKEA, Volvo and Ericsson.

Fun facts about Sweden


Enjoy a range of facts related to Portugal's interesting history, cities, and much more.

Fun facts about Portugal


Read about Colombia, a diverse country located in South America.

Fun facts about Colombia


Indonesia is a ethnically diverse country made up of thousands of islands, read on for more!

Fun facts about Indonesia


Read about bazaars, kasbahs, couscous and much more with our interesting facts about Morocco.

Fun facts about Morocco


Did you know that LEGO was invented in Denmark? Follow the link for more fun facts.

Fun facts about Denmark


Learn about Pakistan's huge mountain ranges, its major cities and much more.

Fun facts about Pakistan


Fiji is an island nation and popular tourist destination found in the South Pacific Ocean.

Fun facts about Fiji


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Cambodia, Laos and China.

Fun facts about Vietnam


Madagascar is a unique island country found off the east coast of Africa.

Fun facts about Madagascar


Learn all about Switzerland, a European country with four official languages.

Fun facts about Switzerland


Austria is a landlocked country that shares a border with 8 other nations, read on for more.

Fun facts about Austria


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, read on for more interesting facts about Nigeria.

Fun facts about Nigeria


Did you know Finland is nicknamed 'Land of the Thousand Lakes'? Follow the link for more fun facts.

Fun facts about Finland


Learn about Ukraine's history, cuisine, wildlife, popular sports, and much more.

Fun facts about Ukraine


Belgium is famous for fantastic chocolate, waffles and even comic book characters.

Fun facts about Belgium


Venezuela is a South American country that is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Fun facts about Venezuela


Hungary is home to many famous foods, inventors, scientists and mathematicians.

Fun facts about Hungary

Czech Republic

Learn all about the Czech Republic, a landlocked European country with a popular capital city named Prague.

Fun facts about Czech Republic


Malaysia is a multi-cultural country full of amazing foods, artworks, people and wildlife.

Fun facts about Malaysia


Bangladesh's unique geography and rivers provide farmers with nutrient rich soils after the monsoon season.

Fun facts about Bangladesh
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