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Vehicle and Transport Facts for Kids

Fun Boat Facts for Kids - Ships, Yachts, Sailboats, Watercraft InformationBoat Facts for Kids

Check out our fun boat facts for kids and enjoy learning about various ships and watercraft.

Find information on sailboats, luxury yachts, the America’s Cup, nautical terms and much more. Read on for a wide range of interesting trivia and information related to boats.


  • Large watercraft are generally called ships.

  • Smaller watercraft are generally called boats.

  • They are designed to float on water, whether it be in lakes, rivers or seas.

  • Boats and ships serve a variety of purposes including transport, recreation, fishing, sporting competition and military operations.

  • Some boats are human powered, including kayaks, canoes and gondolas.

  • Sailboats are propelled by wind and sails.

  • The tall upright post on a sailboat is called a mast.

  • Motorboats are propelled by engines.

  • Cargo ships carry goods between ports around the world.

  • The hull is the main body of a boat or ship.

  • Starboard and port are nautical terms which describe the right (starboard) and left (port) sides when facing the the front (bow) of a ship or boat.

  • The rear part of a ship or boat is called the stern.

  • The America’s Cup is awarded to the winner of a series of races between sailing yachts. Originally awarded in 1851, it is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world.

  • Some luxury yachts (also called superyachts or megayachts) are over 70 metres (230 feet) in length with the longest examples reaching over 150 metres (492 feet).

  • Learn about submarines and the Titanic.

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