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Fun Weather Facts for Kids

Fun Snow Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about SnowSnow Facts For Kids

Learn some interesting information about snow with our range of fun snow facts for kids.

Learn how snow forms, what a blizzard is, different types of snow sports and more. Read on and enjoy learning about snow with our fun facts and trivia.


  • Snow forms when water vapor in the atmosphere freezes into ice crystals.

  • Snowflakes form in a variety of different shapes.

  • Snow is a form of precipitation, other forms of precipitation are rain, hail and sleet.

  • Light and fluffy snow is often called ‘powder’.

  • Heavy snowfalls are often called ‘snowstorms’.

  • Snowstorms with high winds are often called ‘blizzards’.

  • Snow reflects a high level of ultraviolet radiation and can cause snow blindness (photokeratitis). Sunglasses, goggles and other eye protection help absorb the ultraviolet rays.

  • A number of winter sports rely on snow, including skiing and snowboarding.

  • Recreational activities such as snowball fights, tobogganing and making snowmen are also popular in the snow.

  • Skis, sleds and snowmobiles are useful transport options through snow.

  • Snow can lower visibility, making driving conditions dangerous.

  • The highest snowfall ever recorded in a one year period was 31.1 meters (1224 inches) in Mount Rainier, Washington State, United States, between February 19, 1971 and February 18, 1972.

  • Make a snowflake with this fun science experiment for kids.

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