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Sound and music science for kids

Learn about soundExplore the subject of music and sound for kids with our range of experiments, fun quizzes, music games, science fair projects, cool facts and interesting videos.

Learn about speakers, music, cell phones, the human ear and all kinds of interesting sound topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, ideas for parents and free teaching resources for anyone interested in learning about sound, music, acoustics and other science subjects online.

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Science for Kids
Sound and music experiments for kids

Enjoy our fun sound and music experiments. Make fake snot, experiment with invisible ink, create baking soda reactions, mix oil and water, make bath salts and much more.

Balloon speakers experiment

Balloon Speakers

Experiment with compressed air, a balloon and your own ears to see if you can successfully amplify sound.

Music making experiment

Make Music

Create unique sounds and music using glasses filled with water with this fun experiment for kids.

Sound and music games for kids

Have fun learning about sound and music with this cool interactive game.

Use muscial instruments to create sounds

Changing Sounds

Experiment with a range of musical instruments such as a guitar and drums while learning about the pitch and loudness of various sounds with this fun game for kids.

Sound and music videos

Take a look at these great science videos related to sound and music. Learn how the human ear works, how to make a secret listening device and watch a cool music player in action.

Human ear video

The Human Ear

How do we hear all those interesting sounds and noises? Learn how the human ear works with this cool video.

How to make a secret listening device video

Secret Listening Device

Learn how to make your own secret listening device that lets you hear a range of low level noises and even through walls!

Sony Rolly music player video

Sony Rolly

Check out the Sony Rolly, a unique music player that spins, rolls and dances in time with whatever sounds or music you choose to play.

Free sound and music images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our cool range of sound pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images of sonar devices, ear diagrams, jets breaking the sound barrier, soundproof rooms and more.

Human ear diagram
Soundproof room
Amplitude modulation
Breaking the sound barrier
Sonar device
Music and sound facts for kids

Check out these fun sound facts for kids and learn about frequency, vibrations, thunder, the speed of sound, cell phones, music, the human ear and more.

Sound facts

Sound Facts

Did you know that the loud noise created by cracking a whip happens because the tip breaks the speed of sound? Enjoy more fun sound facts for kids.

Physics facts

Physics Facts

As well as learning more about sound, enjoy some fun facts and trivia related to other physics topics.

Cell phone facts

Cell Phone Facts

Cell phones have become a common part of modern life, learn more about them with our list of interesting cell phone facts.

Sound and music quizzes for kids

Take the challenge of our quizzes related to the science of sound and music.

Can you answer physics questions and solve music word puzzles?

Physics quiz

Physics Quiz

Enjoy a range of questions related to sound and other physics topics.

Music word scramble

Music Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all the words related to music?

Sound and music lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy classroom ideas and fun activities with our senses lesson plan and printable music word search worksheet.

Senses and the human brain lesson plan

Senses and the Human Brain

Enjoy a range of activities related to senses and the human brain with this fun lesson plan.

Music word search

Music Word Search

How quickly can you find words related to music? Find out with this printable music word search for kids.

Sound and music science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of sound and physics based science fair projects. Check out our suggested topics or try listening to your heart beat by making a stethoscope.

Stethoscope project

Make a Stethoscope

Have fun making a stethoscope and listening to your heart beat.

Light and physics science fair project ideas

Physics Science Fair Project Ideas

Check out our range of physics based science fair project ideas.

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