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Space for kids

Learn about spaceGo beyond our planet and explore the fun topic of space for kids with our range of fun facts, free games, cool videos, interesting quizzes, science fair projects and more!

Learn about moons, planets, stars, comets, galaxies and all kinds of interesting space topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans and worksheets for teachers, ideas for parents and lots of free teaching resources for anyone interested in learning about space or other science subjects online.

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Science for Kids
Space quizzes for kids

Challenge your space knowledge by trying one of our fun space quizzes. How much do you know about stars, moons, planets and astronauts?

Space quiz for kids

Space Quiz

Can you name the second biggest planet in our solar system? Take the challenge of our fun space quiz for kids.

Space word scramble for kids

Space Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all the space related words? There's twenty in total and they're sure to test how much you know about space.

Space games for kids

Have fun learning about space with this interactive game. Discover how the Earth and Moon orbit the Sun, how long it takes the Earth to spin on its axis and more.

Earth, Sun and Moon game

Earth, Sun and Moon

Do you know how long it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun? How about how long it takes the Moon to orbit Earth? Find out the answer to these and more Earth, Sun and Moon questions with this fun space game for kids.

Space science fair projects for kids

Get some great ideas for a range of fun space science fair projects. Check out our suggested topics, find one you like and give it a go!

Space science fair project ideas

Space Science Fair Project Ideas

Check out all our space and astronomy related science fair project ideas for kids. Choose from a number of questions and topics including:

  • Make your own constellations from stars in the night sky.
  • Study the phases of the moon.
  • How does the temperature vary from the center of the sun to the surface?
  • Create a model mars rover that can handle rocky surfaces.

Free space images, pictures, diagrams and photos for kids

Check out our awesome range of free space pictures, photos and diagrams.

Find interesting images of galaxies, planets, space shuttles, comets, meteoroids, moon phases and more.

Tilted spiral galaxy
Space shuttle launch
The Sun
Moon phases diagram
Walking on the Moon
Space facts for kids

Check out these fun space facts for kids and learn more about the Sun, the Moon, comets, the Solar System, asteroids and more.

Comet facts

Comet Facts

Learn about Halley's Comet, why comets have tails, what they're made of and lots more with our interesting range of comet facts.

Sun facts

Sun Facts

Located at the center of the Solar System, the Sun is the closest star to Earth and provides the light and heat we need to survive.

Moon facts

Moon Facts

Did you know that because of the way the Moon rotates as it orbits the Earth, we only see around half of its surface? Enjoy more fun moon facts.

Solar System facts

Solar System Facts

Learn about the Sun, terrestrial planets, gas giants, asteroid belt and where the Earth fits into the Solar System.

Space definitions

Space Definitions

Struggling with some difficult space words? Check out our space definitions for a simple guide to a range of space related language.

Space videos for kids

Take a look at these great space videos. Learn how Mars rovers explore the surface of Mars, learn about the Sun, watch a space shuttle launch, see original footage of the first Moon landing and more.

Mars rover video

Mars Rover

Learn what a Mars rover does while exploring the surface of the red planet.

Space shuttle launch video

Shuttle Launch

See the space shuttle Discovery blast off from its launch pad.

Moon landing video

Moon Landing

Watch original footage from the first ever moon landing in 1969.

The Sun video

The Sun

Learn about the Sun with this interesting space video.

Space lesson plans and worksheets

Enjoy a range of space lesson plans, teaching resources, classroom ideas and fun worksheets. Find activities and information on topics such living on the Moon, making a comet and more.

Make a comet lesson plan

Make a Comet

Make a comet and follow its path through the Solar System with this fun space lesson plan for kids.

Living on the Moon lesson plan

Living on the Moon

What would life be like if you were living on the Moon or another planet? Design and build a futuristic city with this in mind.

Make a spaceship lesson plan

Make a Spaceship

Create a spaceship, satellite or space station using recycled objects such as cardboard and bottles.

Space word search

Space Word Search

How quickly can you find words related to space? Find out with this printable space word search for kids.

Planet facts for kids

Enjoy our amazing planet facts. Learn about terrestrial planets such as Venus and Mars as well as gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn. Find out how big they are, what their surface is like and what makes them unique.

Mercury facts

Mercury Facts

Check out our interesting facts about Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun.

Venus facts

Venus Facts

Learn about Venus, a planet featuring a size and gravity similar to that of Earth.

Mars facts

Mars Facts

Did you know that Mars is home to the biggest volcano in the Solar System?

Jupiter facts

Jupiter Facts

Enjoy a range of fun facts about Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System.

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