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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Interesting Astronaut Videos for KidsAstronaut Videos

Check out these cool videos which help show you what life is like for astronauts living in space. Learn where they sleep, what they eat, how they brush their teeth, what happens when they get sick and much more.

Thanks to astronauts such as Canadian Chris Hadfield you can get a feel for what life is like in zero gravity while on board the International Space Station.

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Science for Kids

Sleeping in Space

Have you ever wondered how astronauts sleep on the International Space Station? Find out how they do it with this fun space video.

Sleeping in space video

Eating in Space

Space food has come a long way over the years, watch Canadian astronaut make himself a tasty peanut butter and honey sandwich in this video.

Eating in space video

Feeling Sick in Space

It's common for astronauts to feel sick when they arrive in space as their body adapts to the weightlessness and new surroundings.

Feeling sick in space video

Crying in Space

What happens when you cry in space? Do your tears fall to the floor like here on Earth? Find out with this interesting space video.

Crying in space video

Brushing Teeth in Space

Astronauts are busy people but they still have to keep their teeth clean! Watch how they brush their teeth in space with this interesting video.

Brushing teeth in space video

Washing Hair in Space

Washing your hair in space doesn't sound like an easy task. See how NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg completes the task while aboard the International Space Station.

Washing hair in space video

Space Dessert

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is a hard working guy but he also enjoys a tasty treat after a meal. Check out how he eats chocolate pudding cake in space!

Eating dessert in space video

Water Behavior in Space

Simple tasks here on Earth can be a lot different in space. Watch what happens when you try wringing out a wash cloth in zero gravity.

Water behavior in space video

Learn about Spacewalks

Spacewalks are challenging tasks for astronauts. Learn some surprising facts about how long they take, how many tools are used, the temperature astronauts work in and more.

Spacewalks video

Learn about Spacesuits

Check out this educational video to learn some interesting facts about spacesuits and the tools astronauts use during spacewalks.

Spacesuits video
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