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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Chemistry Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Chemistry Videos

Learn more about chemistry and science in general by watching these great chemistry videos. Check out fun video clips that help explain a range of topics such as atoms, molecules, gas, minerals and more.

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Science for Kids

The Science of Chocolate

Learn where chocolate comes from, how it's made, the differences between white and dark chocolate and more with this great video.

The chemistry of chocolate video

The Chemistry of Fireworks

If you want to know how fireworks work then check out this cool chemistry video which features experiments and easy explanations.

The science of fireworks video

Learn the Basics of Gas

Gas is an important topic in chemistry and its basics are well explained in the following fun and educational chemistry video, follow the link to check it out!

Gas basics video

Salt, Snow and Icy Roads

This video answers a few interesting chemistry questions including why we put salt on icy roads and what the difference between ice and snow is.

Ice and snow chemistry video

How do Atoms Bond to Form Molecules?

Find out how atoms bond together to form the molecules that make up our amazing world. How is water formed? What role do electrons play?

Atom video

Molecular Movement

This catchy chemistry based song and video is great for reinforcing the ideas of molecular movement to children and young students.

Molecular movement video

Element Song for Kids

Enjoy this colorful animated video which teaches kids about different elements of the periodic table with a song that makes it easy to remember.

Elements of the Periodic Table Song for Kids

Solid, Liquid & Gas Song

Learn what makes solids, liquids and gases different from each other with this great song for kids. Sing along and have fun learning the words.

Solid, Liquid & Gas Song for Kids

Rocks & Minerals

Learn about rocks and the minerals that give them their special physical properties with this entertaining and educational science video.

Rocks and minerals video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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