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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Engineering Videos for KidsEngineering Videos

Check out these great engineering videos. Watch a building collapse, learn about different bridge designs, see how a car engine works, understand the aerodynamics of flight and more. Enjoying watching free engineering video clips while learning more about the amazing the design and construction work that goes into modern vehicles, bridges and buildings.

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Science for Kids

Car Engine

See how a car engine works with this video. How do spark plugs, valves and pistons work together to help make a car move?

Car engine video

Bridge Building

What's the difference between arch, suspension and cable-stayed bridges? What are their advantages? Find out with this video.

Bridge building video

Flying Sphere

Enjoy this video which features a flying sphere that can move accurately in all directions while filming with a video camera.

Flying Sphere Invention Video

Kinetic Beach Creatures

Check out the amazing kinetic beach creatures designed to freely roam beaches by harnessing the power of the wind.

Kinetic Beach Creatures Video

Building Collapse

This spectacular building collapse in Manila shows the disastrous results of poor engineering and construction.

Building collapse video

Flight Aerodynamics

Learn about thrust, lift, drag, weight, air pressure and other flight principles with this informative flight aerodynamics video.

Flight aerodynamics video

Leonardo da Vinci Car

Check out Leonardo da Vinci's amazing automobile designs being brought to life in this great engineering video.

Leonardo da Vinci car video

Light Bulbs

How are light bulbs made and how do they work? Find out the interesting processes involved with this fascinating video.

How light bulbs work video

Luxury Boat

Learn about some of the challenges involved with building a luxury boat and how engineers manage to work around the constraints.

Luxury boat building video

Rotating Skyscraper

Why build just a normal skyscraper when you could build one that moves too! Learn the details behind one architects ambitious plans.

Rotating skyscraper video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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