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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Experiment Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Experiment Videos

Watch a range of fun science experiment videos that show just how exciting science can be. The cool video clips show what happens to marshmallows in a vacuum, how to suck an egg into a bottle, an amazing tea bag rocket in action, how to test how much sugar is in soda and more.

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Science for Kids

Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste is a classic science experiment that uses hydrogen peroxide to create an awesome foamy substance.

Elephant toothpaste experiment video

Crazy Color Reaction

Watch in amazement at what happens when you add some dish washing soap to a mixture of milk and food coloring.

Color reaction video

Fun Egg Experiment

Enjoy this fun egg experiment video which shows an egg being sucked into a bottle after matches are lit and dropped inside.

Egg experiment video

When a Balloon Won't Pop

Putting a balloon near a flame will usually end in a loud bang. Watch this cool video to see how you can stop it from popping.

When a balloon won't pop science experiment video

Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles

Watch some young scientists teach David Letterman a thing or two about science with this cool experiment that features exploding hydrogen bubbles.

Exploding hydrogen bubbles experiment

Flying Tea Bag

Turn a simple tea bag into a flying rocket with this fun science experiment. The video shows how you can give it a try for yourself, remembering to be careful of course.

Tea bag rocket video

Food Coloring Diffusion

This interesting science experiment video shows how temperature effects the rate of diffusion of food coloring in hot and cold water.

Diffusion of Food Coloring in Hot & Cold Water Video

Paper Folding Experiment

Can you fold a piece of paper more than seven times? Find out as the Mythbusters team put it to the test.

How Many Times Can You Fold Paper?

Marshmallows Experiment

As well as being great to eat, marshmallows also do something interesting when you put them in a vacuum jar. Watch this video and see for yourself.

Marshmallows experiment video

Sugar in Soda

Have you ever wanted to know how much sugar you're drinking in that can of Coke, Fanta or Pepsi? Find out by watching this cool video.

Soda experiment video

Amazing Fire Tornado

This awesome science experiment video features an amazing fire tornado as it swirls in heated circles, slowly forming from the ground.

Amazing Fire Tornado Video

Vortex Canon

Can a vortex canon create enough compressed air to knock over houses made of straw, wood and bricks? Check out the video and watch this cool experiment in action.

Vortex Canon Video

Microwave Egg Explosion

What happens when an ostrich egg gets nuked by a microwave? This dangerous science experiment is for watching only!

Microwave egg explosion video

Alkali Metal Explosion

Alkali metals have a habit of exploding, watch what happens when the most reactive metals in the world get put in water.

Alkali metal explosion experiment video

Melting Crayons Experiment

What happens to your crayon collection if you leave them out in the sun for too long? Find out with this fun experiment video.

Melting Crayons Experiment Video

Marble Chain Reaction

Making a chain reaction sequence can be frustrating but rewarding if you can do it, this video is an example of getting it just right.

Marble Chain Reaction Experiment Video

Cornstarch Experiments

Check out these cool cornstarch science experiments which show what happens to a mixture of cornstarch and water when vibrated at a high speed.

Cornstarch experiments video

Toilet Paper Experiment

This toilet paper experiment is a bit embarrassing to try yourself so enjoy watching the funny video where someone does it for you.

Toilet paper experiment video

Melting a Spoon in Water

Watch this incredible video as a normal looking teaspoon is stirred in a warm glass of water and melts in front of your eyes.

Melting a spoon in water video

Creating Instant Hot Ice

Turning water instantly into ice with a single touch from your finger sounds impossible but this amazing experiment video will make you think again.

Creating instant hot ice video

Pharaoh's Serpent

Igniting this mysterious substance creates an effect known as Pharaoh's Serpent. It might just be the strangest chemical reaction you've ever seen.

Crazy expanding substance video

Ping Pong Ball Explosion

What happens when you take 1800 ping pong balls and place them in a barrel on top of a sealed bottle of liquid nitrogen? Find out with this exciting video.

Ping pong ball explosion video

Proving CO2 is Heavier than Air

This science experiment video shows a simple but effective way of proving that carbon dioxide is heavier than air.

Proving carbon dioxide is heavier than air experiment video

Soap in a Microwave

Putting strange objects in a microwave isn't recommended but the results of this science experiment sure are interesting.

Find out what happens when you put soap in a microwave with this experiment video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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