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Famous Scientist Videos - Biography & InformationFamous Scientist Videos

Enjoy a range of short biographical videos that explain the amazing lives and incredible work of some of the most famous scientists of all time. Find information about their early years, education, inventions, theories and many contributions to the world of science.

What made these scientists special? How did they change our understanding of physics, biology, chemistry, zoology and other scientific fields? Check out the following videos to learn the answers to these questions and many more!

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Science for Kids

Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of all time, learn what made him so special with this video.

Albert Einstein Biography Video

Isaac Newton Biography

Find out how Isaac Newton changed the world of science forever with this informative video.

Isaac Newton Biography Video

Galileo Galilei Biography

Learn about Galileo Galilei's important contributions to physics and astronomy.

Galileo Galilei Biography Video

Charles Darwin Biography

Enjoy this short biographical video that outlines the extraordinary life of Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin Biography Video

Louis Pasteur Biography

See what made Louis Pasteur a pioneer in the field of microbiology with this video.

Louis Pasteur Biography Video

Nikola Tesla Biography

Nikola Tesla was an eccentric scientist and inventor who helped develop alternating current electricity.

Nikola Tesla Biography Video

Jane Goodall Biography

British primatologist Jane Goodall studied the behavior of chimpanzees for decades as part of an incredible career.

Jane Goodall Biography Video

Johannes Kepler Biography

Learn what made Johannes Kepler such a successful astronomer with this interesting video.

Johannes Kepler Biography Video

Ernest Rutherford Biography

Enjoy this biography that details the life of Ernest Rutherford, often referred to as the father of nuclear physics.

Ernest Rutherford Biography Video

Aristotle Biography

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist whose ideas were far ahead of his time.

Aristotle Biography Video

James Maxwell Biography

Learn about some of the important contributions Scottish physicist James Maxwell made to the world of science.

James Maxwell Biography Video

Stephen Hawking Biography

Watch how physicist Stephen Hawking became both a brilliant scientist and well known figure in popular culture.

Stephen Hawking Biography Video
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