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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Game Videos for KidsGame Videos

Enjoy our range of awesome game videos. The video game industry is fast becoming a leader when it comes to innovative science & technology products and ideas. Incorporating important aspects of graphics & design, computer science and interface technology, games are now much more than a simple form of entertainment. Check out the latest from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and others in the video game market. Consoles such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are sophisticated devices packing the latest in gaming technology. See gaming video clips featuring new motion control systems, AI developments, online experiences, console reviews, highlights from exhibitions such as E3, advances in computer graphics and much more.

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Science for Kids

Immersive Living Room

Watch in amazement as Sony use a range of different Playstation technologies to create an immersive living room experience like no other.

Sony Immersive Living Room Experience Video

Real Wipeout

See the futuristic racing video game Wipeout brought to life by scientists in Japan using an amazing track powered by quantum levitation.

Real Wipeout Video

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo are known for their innovation and the Wii U keeps that proud tradition going with a new way to play video games thanks to a unique controller.

Nintendo Wii U Video

Playstation Vita

Sony have packed an impressive amount of technology into the Playstation Vita, check out what makes it special with this video that goes through some of the cool features.

Playstation Vita Video

Project Natal

Check out the latest in gaming technology created by Microsoft for their Xbox 360 game console. Project Natal will allow users to be fully immersed in games and other applications without the need for a controller.

Project Natal video

Milo Demonstration

This video shows a demonstration of a special character named Milo that has been created by Microsoft researchers and designers to interact with users through the upcoming Project Natal interface.

Milo demonstration video

The Sims 3

Learn more about the Sims video game. Living out your dreams through a character in a virtual world has never been so popular and The Sims is one of the best ways you can experience it.

The Sims 3 video

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus takes advantage of both the Nintendo Wii's unique features as well as the accuracy of the new Motion Plus to deliver a video game that will keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy.

Wii Fit Plus video

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

The world's favorite golf game is back and ready for another round that takes advantage of the Nintendo Wii's intuitive control system. Swing your way through 18 holes of fun just as you would at your nearest golf course.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 video

Sony Motion Controller

Check out this great demonstration of Sony's new motion controller technology. Watch a number of different scenarios that show off how the controller could be used in various games.

Sony motion controller video

Wii Sports Resort

Taking advantage of the new Motion Plus technology for the Nintendo Wii, watch this demonstration video of Wii Sports Resort, featuring mini games such as basketball, archery and table tennis.

Wii Sports Resort Video

Little Big Planet

Take a look at Little Big Planet, an innovative game made by Sony for the Playstation 3. Create original characters, objects and levels before sharing your designs with friends.

Little Big Planet video
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