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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Human Body Videos for KidsHuman Body Videos

Check out these great human body videos for kids and learn more about human anatomy, organs, parts and systems. These free science video clips feature information on the human heart, brain, eyes, skin, immune system, respiratory system and more. Enjoy watching the videos and have fun increasing your knowledge of the amazing human body.

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Science for Kids


Find out how the human brain works. This highly complex organ has specialized areas for a range of different processes and tasks, see how it works with this video.

Human Brain Video


The most important muscle in the human body features a number of interesting parts. Learn how it pumps oxygen rich blood around the body.

Human Heart Video


Learn about the anatomy of the human eye. Find out how it works, what the important parts are and how disease can effect the vision of some people.

Human Eye Video


Watch this skin video and see how the subcutis, dermis and epidermis layers of your skin work together to protect your body.

Human Skin Video


Strong and flexible, the human spine plays a key role as part of the human skeleton, protecting the spinal cord and supporting the body.

Human Spine Video

Skull Bones

Watch how the cranial and facial bones of the skull fit together to protect the human brain with this 3D computer animation video.

Human Skull Bones Video

Immune System

Take a look at how antibodies and the immune system react to pathogens that try to attach themselves to healthy cells in the blood stream.

Human Body Immune System Video


How does the human ear work? Find out with this educational video that describes the important parts and how they allow us to hear various sounds.

Human Ear Video

Respiratory System

Learn how the respiratory system works. Watch the inhalation and exhalation process in action and how the body replaces carbon dioxide with oxygen.

Human Body Respiratory System Video

Circulatory System

Find out how how the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins work together as part of the circulatory system, pumping blood around the human body.

Human Body Circulatory System Video
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