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Free Math Videos for Kids

Fun Online Video Clips of Numbers and ShapesMath Videos for Kids

Check out our range of free math videos for kids. Get handy tips for playing sudoku, understand the amazing connections between math and nature, test your knowledge of basic shapes, practice subtraction and more.

Learn about numbers, arithmetic, shapes and other interesting math topics while enjoying fun video clips online.

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Science for Kids

Numbers of Nature

This inspirational video uses math formulas, interesting shapes and Fibonacci numbers to show the math that can be found in natural objects such as shells and flowers.

Numbers of nature video

How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Not sure where to start when tackling a sudoku puzzle? Check out this handy video that gives step by step advice for how to solve sudoku puzzles.

How to solve a sudoku puzzle video

Learn Basic Shapes

How many shapes do you know? Learn basics such as the square, rectangle, triangle and circle as well as tougher ones like the cylinder, oval and pyramid.

Learn basic shapes video

Funny Multiplication Trick

Answering complicated multiplication problems will be become a whole lot easier after watching the cool trick used in this funny math video.

Cool multiplication trick video

Sesame Street Counting

Work on your counting skills with this Sesame Street counting video for kids. Count gumballs as they are removed from the machine.

Sesame street counting video

Sesame Street Subtraction

Learn how subtraction works with this simple Sesame Street video for kids. Count the light bulbs as they are removed one by one until the room goes dark.

Sesame street subtraction video
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