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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Nature Videos for KidsNature Videos

Check out our interesting nature videos and learn more about plants, wildlife, recycling, conservation and the environment. Explore the amazing Great Barrier Reef, watch intelligent birds use tools to catch food, get some great energy saving tips, see the biggest flower in the world, learn how you can recycle plastic bottles, and much more. Watch a wide range of free science video clips and enjoy exploring our planet and all its beautiful trees, flowers, birds and exotic wildlife.

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Science for Kids

Great Barrier Reef

Learn about Australia's spectacular Great Barrier Reef, home to thousands of marine life species.

Great Barrier Reef video

Energy Saving Tips

What can you do to save energy? Find out with this fun energy conservation video for kids.

Energy saving tips video

Amazon Rainforest

See how plants and animals work together to survive in the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon rainforest plants and animals video

How Birds Use Tools

Watch how the New Caledonian crow uses tools to help catch food.

How birds use tools video

Venus Fly Trap

How do carnivorous plants such as the Venus Fly Trap catch animals? Watch this video and find out.

Venus Fly Trap video

Biggest Flower in the World

Learn about the biggest flower in the world and its fun connection with a type of Pokemon.

Biggest flower in the world video

The Island of Madagascar

Enjoy an introduction to the amazing island of Madagascar, a unique location that features a range of memorable plant life and landscapes.

The Island of Madagascar Video

Fungi Growth & Spores

Watch in amazement as this time lapse footage shows the incredible growth of fungi before it releases spores and rapidly decays.

Fungi Growth & Spores Plant Video

Beauty in Nature

American physicist Richard Feynman talks about the beauty in nature that can be found beyond the surface.

Beauty in Nature Video


What is about humans that makes us want to explore and answer questions about the world around us?

The Curiosity of Humans to Understand Our World Video

Recycling Plastic Bottles

Get some great tips on different ways you can recycle used plastic bottles.

Recycling plastic bottles video

Forest Fire Protection

Although it goes against natural instincts, learn why setting forests on fire can actually help protect them in the long run.

Forest wildfire protection video

Saving Kakapo

This wildlife conservation video tells the story of the New Zealand Kakapo fighting off extinction.

Saving the Kakapo video

Oil Spill Cleanup

How are alpacas from an Alabama zoo helping cleanup a disastrous oil spill?

Oil spill cleanup video

Magic Mushrooms

This weird science video features reindeer with a taste for hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Magic mushroom video

Sustainable Forest

Learn why finding the right balance between wood production and the health of forests is so important.

Sustainable forests video

Giant Water Lilies

Check out these amazing water lilies that grow as big as six feet in the Amazon.

Giant water lilies video

Mexican Jumping Bean

What makes these Mexican beans jump around? Check out this amazing video and find out!

Mexican jumping bean video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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