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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Physics Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Physics Videos

Watch these great physics videos and learn more about interesting topics such as electricity, time, magnets, gravity, wind energy, gyroscopes, pulleys, simple machines, gears and more. Check out these free physics video clips online and have fun learning about science.

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Science for Kids

Electricity Introduction

Enjoy this excellent introduction to electricity video and understand more about this important topic. Learn about current, amperes, volts and circuits and how they relate to the electrical devices you use at home.

Introduction to electricity video

Clocks & Time

This video clip will help give you a greater understanding of the important concepts behind clocks and time. Learn about gears, pendulums, watches, mechanical clocks and more.

Clocks & time video

Magnets & Electromagnetism

Get a basic introduction to magnets and electromagnetism. Learn which metals are attracted to magnets, why like poles repel and other interesting magnet properties.

Magnets & electromagnetism video

Gravity & General Relativity

Watch this great video and see how our understanding of gravity and physics in general developed over the years thanks to amazing discoveries by Newton and Einstein.

Gravity & general relativity video

Wind Energy

Learn more about wind and wind generation. Make your own model windmill, calculate its power output and understand terms like energy, power, work, joules and watts.

Wind energy video

Pulleys & Simple Machines

Pulleys are a great tool for learning about simple machines, force & mechanical advantage. Watch this video and take your first steps towards becoming an engineer.

Pulleys & simple machines video

Magnetic Fields

This educational physics video will help you understand the basics of magnetic fields and why like poles repel and opposites attract using easy to understand language.

Learn about Magnetic Fields

Magnet Tricks

Check out some cool magnet tricks that are performed with powerful magnets. Watch them jump, spin and roll around quickly in this interesting physics video.

Fun Magnet Tricks Video

Electric Fence Science

It's not a good idea to try touching an electric fence yourself so why not learn about how they work by watching others do it for you with this great science video!

Electric Fence Science Video

Shattering a Wine Glass

Can sound set to a certain resonance frequency really shatter a wine glass? Check out this cool science video and find out if it really is possible.

Shattering a Wine Glass with Resonance Frequencies

What is a Gyroscope?

Learn what a gyroscope is and how it works with this informative video clip. Understand angular momentum and the important role gyroscopes play in things like aircraft, spaceships and robots.

Gyroscope video

Super Slow Motion

See what the naked eye normally can't with this entertaining video that puts slow motion cameras to good use, capturing a water balloon bursting in super slow motion.

Super slow motion video

Archimedes Principle

Learn more about Greek scientist Archimedes and how his principle relates to buoyancy. See why his theory is important to today's architects and engineers when designing ships and other floating structures.

Archimedes principle video

Gears Introduction

Watch this educational video that will gives a basic introduction to gears. See gears in action and let it help you understand the basics of ratio, rotation and mechanical advantage.

Introduction to gears video

Is Time Travel Possible?

Well known physicist Michio Kaku gives his thoughts on the the possibility of traveling forward and backward in time as seen in the movie 'Back to the Future'.

 Back to the Future Physics Video

Sound Vibrations

What happens when you pour water on speakers and crank up the volume? Check out the cool sound waves produced in this physics video.

Water Waves on a Speaker

Giant Tesla Coil

The only thing better than a Tesla coil is a giant Tesla coil! Check out this cool video that shows a massive high voltage Tesla coil in action.

Giant Tesla Coil Video

Quantum Levitation

You don't need to understand the finer details of quantum levitation to see how cool it is and the awesome possibilities it offers, as shown in this amazing science video.

Quantum Levitation Physics Video

Electric Trees

Watch this informative video to learn about electric trees and see how scientists create these amazing lightning based objects.

Electric Trees or Lichtenberg Figures Video

How Things Move

What rules govern how things move? Find out in this educational physics video which explains Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

Newton's Three Laws of Motion Video
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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